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Default Re: Live Double Eviction Show 9/13/18

Day 83

Kaycee: i feel like a superhero. i got 3 veto's and hoh. this is haleigh's 3rd time on the block and it's about time she leaves. you put the wrong peanut up

haleigh: my back is against the wall and im probably going home. it's sa sad realization to come to

Kaycee: what if it's a double

Angela: well i'll go up as a pawn

Brett: DR; lookie here angeal must be feeling safe. ive been worried aobutg this

Brett to tyler tell me what you think with haleigh leaving. we evaluate everything the jury is bitter

Tyler: the jury hates us..

Brett; if you send angela out you are going to make the jury very happy but you bet your sweet ass that kaycee is coming for us..

tyler: i have a F2 with brett, showmance with angela and F2 with kaycee. i need to put a stop to this bret is low man in this

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