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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 8/5/18

hacker: I am the BB hacker. I decided to hack these nominations.
I am removing Scottie from the chopping block. And my new nominee is Tyler

hacker: My work is done .. for now!

Sam is crying

Haleigh DR: you can not ride the fence or play the middle and not get noticed . I think tyler had played the middle and both sides and got away with it if i don't make this movie now it I don't know if it will ever get made

scottie DR: i will get blamed for this and there is no guarantee that i will play for veto

Angela DR: Im going do everything in my power to ensure that tyler doesn't go home on my HOH Im going to win the veto and im going to crown tyler prince veto and im going to throw bayleigh's ass on the block

tyler DR : job well done hacker! Im proud of made a big move. it's about time somebody other than me did that but just know that it;s going to come back around to you and you will be out of here before me if i have anything to do with it

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