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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 8/5/18

Hacker competition - Crack the Code

The BB game is about to get hacked. get in your gear and head to yoru computers

Sam if this is peed typing im in for some trouble

The secret winner will earn the power to hack the game all week long. ech round a scrambled BB word will appear.. you must unscramble the letters.. the 1st 3 will get a point. the one with most points after 3 round will win the power.. Crack the code

Scottie i need to win to take myself off the block

haleigh nominee : i want to make moves and put my own nominee on the block haleigh got it

kaycee: i got this for level 6

round 2)

Brett this was meant for me

fessy haleigh scottie got it

Round 3

tyler angela rockstar

round 4

scottie fessy tyler kaycee

round 5 JC Fessy Scottie

Scottie ahead 3 points

round 6 Sam tyler haleigh

tyler haleigh and scottie tied with 3 points

round 7 angie brett haleigh

haleigh is the hacker!!

haleigh I won. now i get to change the nominations..

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