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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 8/5/18

haleigh there is no way to know who will have this power and brett made this whole thing about the other powers still there

fessy; why would rachel say that when she was trying to stay

Angie: i have to win that is the only way my side is going to get any power u p in here

haleigh lets go win the hacker comp

brett to tyler: we need to win this hacker comp

Brett; DR im still in a pot of boiling water. bay has the power to put me up and the hacker can put me up

Sam calls a house meeting to coup the hacker power

Sam: this hacker comp is a bomb and i have a plan to keep the peace and thrrow this whole thing out the window and move along peacefully

Sam we all agree to give it to me

s cotie you want me to throw a comp

Sam: yes

JC; DR oh sam no way people are throwing this

Sam; I wont vote.. and i will pick me for veto im trying to do something for everyone here

Angie; i dont think you are i think you want control..

Angie: DR i dont trust anyone in here i get blindsided each week no gurl

angela; it's a huge power it's too tempting..

Sam: i was just trying to help go back to your rooms

Angela Sam is making like she is hoh and called this meeting.

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