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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 5/3/18

Derek and kael;a compare notes on their maddy talk

derek she was trying so hard.. to convince me to cut kaela saying to give the jury something to talk about..

kaela she was saying the same to me.. that i ahve to cut derek.

derek she asked us both aobut our game.. cuz people in the jury dont know.. she said that i was like your puppet

kaela no i said that i was closer to ali/liv and you were closer to will that's not what i said..

derek she said what can determine the win is this week

akela yeah she keeps saying are you cutting derek. and im like no he's taking me to f3. and she told me that i was stupid

derek she used that on me too

meanwhile maddy is filling in paras on kaela's game.. she spilled her whole game to me. she has a criminology psychology degree.. getting jesse out was her idea .. she takes credit for V's back door and that she had a good relationship with ali/liv and you were bringing information and that you were the 2nd version of her that you had no credit and that no one believes you. and she's been telling derek what to do in the game and he reported to her.. and that when she saw someone getting close to derek she got rid of them and that canada did a favor for her with ryan cuz ra=yan knew her whole game.. and she gave me specific instances of things.. and i asked her if she though derek would take her to f3 and she said yes.. and i went to derek and asked hwo has kaela not playing him like a fiddle.. he did a good job hiding behind her.. and get close to someone who kew the game.
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