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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 5/3/18

mady off to talk to Derek

maddy i dont care what those peole have to say i want to have my own opinions.. and i want to hear and understand your game

maddy i feel taht my perception of you was you learning as you go. were there times you acted in yoru own interests vs you and kaelas?

Maddy how you played it for your game

derek i had to gain people's trust.. and then win compos.. i did let kaela play the game.. and i knew she knew the game.. and i she was super nice .. by the end of week 1 kaela told me all these things that she has done and the game.. i've always been the guy that was pretty likable and chill.. i knew that we were a target.. but i was creating kaela as a shield.. and like good cop bad cop.and then johnny was calling her slayla

derek when i talked game with peole it was me building on getting to know them.. i didnt want to ruin things.. i used kaela as a shield and was able to pick her brain.. i didnt know i ws supposed to know days.. i used her as an encyclopedia

maddy the jury will ask you what was your move for you and not for you and kaela..

Derek ok

maddy when it comes to this week.. and my pitch still stands.. it sounds like a physical comp. if it comes down to veto.. and you win it or she wins it.. and you take her to F2 the jury will think that she did all the movs not you.. and she had the one opportunity to cut you and she didnt.. and if you want to win the the game. you will need to cut her. and i asked her in that room if she thought you were going to take her to F3 and she said yes

maddy im not here to fuck shit up on the way out the door.. i think that it won't be a bitter jury.. and it will be who played their ass off.. and she make s a lot of points on how the structure of th game she did well. she explained it with more specifics.. and not good cop bad copp

maddy the nail of in the coffin is that she thought she was playing you and she isnt.. if you were to cut her.. and that is what i want to see.. and it would resonate with me.. and im sure taht kaela talked aobut teh panel. the 4th place person walks into that panel. they haven't spent time with jury.. who walks into that panel. they will seal the deal on who wins it..
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