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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18

maddy i felt taht i was loosing myself as a person.. and i have some moral regrets. and it;'s just a game.we are not who we define ourselves to be inside the house . I dont think we coulda done this with out each other

kaela yeah i dont think you 3 woulda survived if you didnt ahve each other

maddy i hope i make it thru the week but i hope it's noty at the game expanse.. and we all do what is best for us.. today i feel more at peace with it

kaela every decision i made. i made it and i wont regret it i'll just move on from it.

Kaela whatever happened to you will and paras.. it was emotional. and whatever they did it's game

maddy i just thought that they never would. it got personal.. and it's all mixed up.. and i know you are probably struggling with the thoughts of derek

kaela i have thought of it but i have to do it for the game.. and why i am here

maddy i heard you yelling at me during fishermans barf.. "why are you hear".. i thought of that all the time. i walked in here with an objective and no personal reasons..
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