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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 9/9/16

james the key to this game is to have a super strong social game and i have been with corey/nicole all season.. and we ahve been loyal.. and i can almost guarantee paul and vic on the block.. eveyone is sleeping right now..

james i was part of girl talk.. but now im the last of the pack.. thank you all the live feeders.. and all those taht voted for me as AFP last year.. and the emotions in here are real. you get real feelins for people and you get connected. and what alot of people dont realize it's true emotions.. and you ahve to live with people.. you jsut cant leave if you dont like em. you ahve to look at them and still be here.. and if you are in a showmance.. and you get into a fight.. you have to deal with it.. you ahve to balance it.. it's definitely not summer camp..

james doing shout outs
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