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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 9/9/16


Corey wants to nominate Victor and Paul

Nicole wants James up and Paul

Corey tells Nicole paul has done nothing in this game

Nicole gets convinced to put up Vic and Paul only if James promises not to pull one of them down so she cant be the replacement nom.

Nicole doesnt 100% trust james while cortey feels they are on teh same page and dont need to talk.

Corey" James would be dumb as rocks to think I would put him up. I would hate myself if you or James went home on my HOH. Vic backstabbed me saying he wouldn't put me up but did , paul wants me out. and we can beat james in any comp in the world. so why would we want him out.

Paul and Victor talked and paul doesnt trust corey that they are safe. Paul did say he was ok with going up with James.

Victor trusts Corey and nicole and thinks Corey won't put them both up

Nicole again agrees that Vic and Paul both need to be up on the block.

Nicole would never want to send James homes he's a nice guy.. but there's a 60% doubt that he's going to listen to the other side. they can offer him something he wants to get to F2 he's gullible like that. And if james does win veto and uses it on one of them then i ahve no chance of staying in this house..
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