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Default Live Feed Updates Tuesday 8/23/16

Paulie evicted 5-0

Paulie did NOT have the Return Ticket and is heading to jury

County Fair BY Party for HG with Ziggy Marley, Jessie Godderz and prizes

Paul won $500

Victor won $500

James won .25

Natalie won .25

Michelle won .25

Nicole won $7.50

Victor won a TV package from the dunk tank with Jessie Godderz Mr. Pectacular

Michelle won a 30 second advantage for the HOH comp

HG's will learn Jury members will compete for a spot to come back into the house

Natalie won HOH Black Box

Michelle received America's Care package - Co HOH gets to Nom 1 and the replacement

James, Victor,Michelle exempt are Have Nots. Additional HN food is assorted pies

Natalie Nominated Victor, Michelle nominated Paul

POV Players Natalie Michelle Paul Victor James Corey

Paul won POV

*America's Care Package voting will NOT start till Thursday after Eviction when we find out which Jury member returns

Paul used the Veto on himself

Michelle named Corey as the replacement nominee

Victor and Corey are on the block and up for eviction
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