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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/20/16

maddy me and rasmey were taking everything with a grain of salt

cass i knew he screwed up.. no doubt in my mind. rasmey said the brothers said that you were behind it..

maddy he said the smae thing

maddy he is trying to get people to go against me TIM

Maddy at teh end everyone can say nope maddy is full of shit thts fine

cass i think you would tsake me

maddy i dont want to be alone in this house with kelsey. jared wont be there he's just dumb and the bro's they put me on the block.. my check list is going to be different than what it was 2 days agao

maddy i never once was secretive and lied about my target.. and ity's going to be apparetn.. the bro's then nikki then kelsey and then jared

cass i think we need to ahve an open forum a house meeting

cass he thinks that im his to the end. like ride or die

Cass if you get teh 2 votes i will vote for you to stay
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