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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 4/12/16

Cass we're all on the same page with raul out

tim i dont do any handshake deals you are innocent until proven guilty

nikki so you did what you wanted .. i did ask you to vote to keep her.. and i try not to tell people what to do.. we can shake hands but people will try and persuade you to go against cassandra

tim we're not going against you

cass people want people to turn against each other. i know what is true or not. they try to get me to turn against you but i know not to beleive it

tim and usually the formal handshake means

BB tim to the DR

Tim i don't hold anything against you.. i know taht people will try and talk you into things..

Nikki i want to work with you

tim you are.. and you aren't out any information

nikki i feel alone.. and so down and paranoid..

tim there's a big week coming 2 things that are happening that people arent picking up yet. and i dont want to say anymore.. there are 2 people that havent raised into power separately

nikki the brothers and joel

Cass you cant say that then not say

tim that's my opinion.. you just .. like there is no issue.. you've just got to be.. and im not going to give you some fake promise of hope jsut so you wont start shit. that you are going to start.. you are equally in with us.. we dont know what is going on.. but you're not freaking out by making insecurities

nikki but we're friends

nikki im going to do the towels
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