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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 5/2/18

paras me ali and liv never proposed a deal and Will was asking aobut the 6 alliance and he was trying to name name. and im like what is he thinking

maddy he doesn't care he;s going to the F4

paras it was so cringe. so cringe

paras he said trhat every time we walked past a camera we did this(hand gesture).. he's so naive

paras anything that he might have had.. he coulda said in a F2 speech.. now he'd done.. he;'s got nothing

Maddy if it came to will and Kaela who would you vote for

Paras i'd really consider at that point.. i'll be talking about it in the jury..

Maddy we'd have to talk about it in jury.. i think kaela will win but there is something legendary for someone who wins unanimously victory i dont think she deserves a unanimous victory.

Maddy if it came down to it. i might give my vote to wil..

paras if i stay im taking will i ahve a better chance..

maddy yeah

paras but it's a guy over a girl

maddy it wouldnt matter you'd win.
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