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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18

kaela maddy you knew that i was sitting on a peg right?

maddy yeah

kaela derek thought i was holding on with just my hands.. my arms woulda been like jello

derek to be honest will woulda won

kaela he wouldn't ahve been able to get the torquise

kaela good job that you got him to drop that's a good argument to use in jury..

Derek i told him that one comp isnt going to change anything.

akela he shoulda won and he coulda used it.. he coulda sent you home.. on my HOH.. that woulda been epic for him

derek no he said he swore and that he wanted F4

akela i went to him that i said i didnt say anything that hey good job and that youa re still F4 to me .. i didn't say a word.. cuz you didnt even win..
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