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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/19/17

Sindy i told william that i wont maek it far. cuz once im on the block i will be on the block over and over.. so if either of you make it to F2 i will vote for one of you .. neither of you ahve been on the block

dre it's so messed up and neda would tell me the same things about you.. that neda was asking if i trusted sindy

sindy that was in the beginning .. neda wasnt coming after me. i coulda kept her.. we were all sitting here ai said that we'd put up dillon and jackie and that if someone came down you'd be the replacement.. and i couldnt do that you never did anything to me.. .. i promise you i will work with you.. and i am that target every single time

Sindy and if you do keep me it wont look like i influenced you .. it's yoru decsion. and i know that this is a big decision and i dropped alot of information on you.. and yuo know how i am i planned bruno's bday and your bday. and i know you are a very forgiving person..

sindy once i was on the block ika coulda came and said dont worry.. but instead she said are you ok? why do i ahve to go to her.. why do i have to ask her for her vote.. we were working together..
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