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Default Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/19/17

Emily evicted 8-1

Sindy won HOH Before or After

Sindy nominated Dillon and Jackie

POV players Sindy Dillon Jackie Neda Ika Karen

Jackie won POV Wired for Veto

Jackie used POV on herself

Sindy nominated Neda as her replacement nominee

Neda evicted 7-1 and is the 1st Jury member

Dillon won HOH BuzzKilled

Kevin Bruno Jackie are Have Nots

William won $1400 Dre $110 Bruno $490

William won Safety Card for the week

Dillon nominated Demetres and Jackie to be on the block

POV Players Dillon Demetres Jackie Ika Sindy William Host Dre

Demetres won POV Out of Orbit

Demetres used POV on himself

Dillon named Sindy as the replacement nominee

Jackie and Sindy are on the block and are up for eviction

William found Secret POV Which can be used in the next 2 POV Ceremonies and it will be anonymous
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