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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 10/10/16

i'll be back when veto starts!

12:26 Jeff enters the BB house

Jeff what's up? IM Jeff!

Shelby i didnt watch your season

jeff it;'s ok..

jeff i got time to hang out.. im hosting teh Veto comp.. sorry justin

jeff tries out have not room.. there;s been a lot worse!

Scott have you ahd yoru baby yet

jeff no i have not

jeff it doesnt smell bad..

Jeff up in HOH i want to get my hands on this fish

jeff picks up the phone jokes. someone doesnt like shelby.

room laughs

jeff im kidding

shelby no it;s true!

Jeff rules at 12:45 and game at 1.. dont get too excited

jeff to shelby whoa.. whats with..

shelby that's my game face!

jeff ok i'll see you guys out there
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