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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 10/10/16

Morgan alex in SR so that was worse case sceneiro.. i couldnt pick you cuz you would win it..

morng monte and i have been talking to scott being

alex yeah he's good going foreward

alex i feel so bad for shelby but neeley came up to me after

morgan i think people know that yes we hang out with her but at this point what are you going to do .. we're going to have to go with whatever

Alex if monte is up then that means you are not liked by america which means im ot like by america it's a chain reactions..

morgan i know but what can we do

Alex When shane and danielle were nominated monte screamed something like " she targeted teh showmances" and that's when she ran out .. that's what kryssie told me

Morgan no they were already out of the kitchen

morgan i want to go to monte and be please dont be like

Alex he needs to watch what he says .. he makes little comments.. that make him seems conservative in his head..

morgan i was thinking of jumping ship but he's guaranteeing me to jump ship..

morgan who will you put up if monte wins veto..

alex i will figure that out ther is no replacement if Monte wins aas America's nomination
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