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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 8/27/16

Nicole thnk aobut it.. we can do it.. i know that my mom is screaming get them out

corey we just beat them

nicole my mom is saying that get teh best 2 competitiors out

corey to be the best you ahve to beat the best..

nicole yeah i said thsat too when i was going after frankie..

nicole im going to make like im thinking about what im going to do and they are going to be more afraid that i won this.. and if michelle won then i would have had to put up james/natlie

corey it;s up to you

nicole i want to move forward with them..

corey i think they will be vengeful

nicole you can use the 5g's to not put you up on the block.. they control the votes unless one of them is on the block
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