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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 4/26/17

Kevin i think it was against the rules for him to tell

bruno he coulda made such a move with that.. we could ahve flipped this game

bruno i know you tried.. i dont want you to fuck yourself over..

Kevin karen doesnt like anyone
bruno she told me.. she told dillon dont trust her.. she's right about a lot of things

kevin i think dillon is with karen

bruno he plays pool with her.. she likes that.. and he likes that kinda stuff

kevin if demetres and ika get thru this week it's going to be hard to stop them

bruno you need to use your own judgement

bruno i spent all day with her and i keep putting in good words with her.. i have no play to save me

keivn i talked to dillon he said it's bad for bruno.. there is no shot
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