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Default Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17

Jury questions

Elena Paul some of us in teh jury you orchestrated and participated in bullying tactics why was that necessary and how did that help your game?

paul i dont think i did bully tactics.. i feel that i spoke and stuck up for people in the game.. i dont think i bullied anyone

matt josh people dont think you did anything what did you do

josh what you guys dont know is im a super fan.. i aligned with the outsiders and with paul xmas was always giving me information and i was keeping people calm.. and getting rid of cody week 2.. and getting rid of alex was my other big move cuz she would ahve beat me in the end

alex your last season your game was based on friendship why did yu destroy that this season

paul i dont think i did.. i got people as far as i can. maybe the misconceptions that i was going to toss my game out for them i want going to

cody josh some pep-le thought you didnt play yoru own game tell us why we are wrong

josh as a business man.. i down played my intelligence..

Jaosn why unnecessary lie to us days and hours when we were going to the jury when we were going to compare notes

paul i did say i was going to do thing.. but if the house wanted something and i didnt ahve numbers.. i had friendship i had to act a certain way.. if i had certain comps thrown so that i had a security blanket cuz i never knew what was going to happen

mark josh when you had arguments and fights you would cry and apologize to everyone and do ti over again

josh my strategy was to expose and call [people out. it ewas my strategy to ahve the house see the moves they were making

xmas Josh I would lie to know if you would like to evict peppy or crutches and why

josh peppy.. cuz it chased me down with creepy xmas hugs
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