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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 9/5/17

Backpost 12:20am feeds 1/2

xmas and josh at HT josh trying to talk to xmas about paul but she keeps shutting him down

Josh tells xmas thst again he see's what paul is doing and it's best for paul but not all 3 of them

Xmas starts to get up and walk off(what she yelled at him NOT to do to her yesterday)

Josh where are you going?

Xmas the only time wqe break away from each other when we are top 3.. i am not entertaining teh fact that he will throw away our 3 games to protect his

josh yeah but look he's taining our game

xmas im done with this conversation. im pissy about it

josh why

xmas cuz youa re giving me an ear full of stuff that is not

josh xmas listen to me


Josh where you going

Xmas im going inside im going to listen to music.

josh why are you getting mad?

xmas cuz im hearing a lot of shit that is not 'team' related and it's not fucking cool! Dont tell me things that you ahve come to that you ahve conclusion for that is going to taint my opinion of this fucking team.. NOT FUCKING COOL! SO BACK OFF FROM IT! :TANTRUM:


josh can you hear me out

xmas i did

josh i dont look at him like that.. is aid you can payu me $25g and i wont turn on them. it wont change how i am.. if he crosses me im going to stick by his side

xmas fine.. alright then.. what he is doing is fine for his game . if he deviates from our plan with out

josh interup[ts


xmas if he deviates with out approval then it will be betrayal so dont plan those seeds in my head.

josh i have seen it..

xmas that's fine.. he's doing his thing. im working mine and you work yours.. youa re planting seeds

josh i didnt say that .. listen you walking away from this convo won't be good

xmas i agree

josh he's protecting us beucase we are porotrcted.. but he's removing hismefll but that is smart.. . i see the way he is playing his cards he knwos he doesn't have control so he doesn't mind that raven going before alex

xmas im not comfortable with alex going after rave

xmas he played this game last year.. and he got screwed.. i wouldn't have gotten this far with out you 2.. and im ok with that.. you ahve to work your angle.. and i don't want to hear it cuz it plants a seed of doubt

josh im not looking at him any differnt'
xmas your tone and the conversation was not "tearm related'

josh it has not made me look at him any different..

xmas it pushes you to step up.. you don't think i didnt see thsat 1/2 way thru or in the beginning?I pushed that aside cuz now we are a team! i know what he's been doing since i was on the block..

Game talk ends when paul comes out
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