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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/24/17

Dillon up in HOH

Demetres it's like yo want to take out more people on your HOH.. yuou need to trust people you are with

dillon yeah i ant to win this hoh bad

demetres im trying to figure out who will put me up.. like i feel ehre are a few people that will put me up each week. i can see kevin putting me up

dillon i can see kevin putting us up

demetres i know you wont dre wont.. karen after this../ i dont know.

dillon i dont think she will..

Apparently production told the HG's to stare at jackie for a bit and that also set karen off and Dillon didnt like that..

Demetres who will put yuou up

Dillon its better you go up so yuou get a chance for veto

dillon and all of them will put me up.. will jackie kevin.. if bruno stays..

demetres i dont see dre putting you up she doesnt trust bruno.. and he would put her up..

Dillon karen is saying that on bonus season on teh pov.. she was able to take off 2 people.. and she is saying that he can veto yor.

demetres you cant thinkinga bout that.. if she is going to use that logic.. she is better being on the block than not..
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