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UgotBronx 07-12-2018 05:56 pm

Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Kaitlyn HOH

Swaggy C and Winston are on the block and up for eviction

Sam has the Bonus life Power App

tyler has the Cloud Power App

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:06 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Julie stunned but not down swaggy has to go for it all but it's the power that he doesnt know about it could change his fate

tyler DR the backdoor with swaggy is commencing. he's an alpha male he will do whatever he can to stay in teh game

kaitlyn i hope that fessy can understand what that im doing whats best for our game

winston a part of me is scared..

scottie i have no idea of what is going on anymore.. however swaggy is up there and he might be out

swaggy im on the block im not out even lebron was down and he won.. im swaggy c so whatever.. lets get it done

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:08 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
baleigh: my worst fear.. im going to ahve to be nice nasty and campaign to kaitlyn

kaitlyn sobbing. i didnt want to do it.. my whole life i was walked over.. I never stood up for mysef

bay: why didnt you talk to him

kait: i couldnt..

bay: there were bigger targets to get out

bay: im going to go check on him

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:09 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Swaggy: whats teh plan

Angie: we have 5

fessy we need 7

swaggy: im pissed but i,m straight.. any move can be my downfall or why im here

angie tyler is the one that did this

swaggy Dr i need 6 to tie 7 to stay. kailyn put me up and i cant tick her off

bayL: i was up there trying to console her

swaggy: we'll get thru this..

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:10 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Winston: even though i feel confident with Level 6 i still have to go thru the votes

Kayce DR Level 6I want to keep winston in the house we need 2 more votes

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:12 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
kaitlyn : how much do you hate me

Fessy: i dont know i thought i wsd yor best friend and then you put my best friend on the block

kaitlyn: really fessy? do y8ou blame me??

Fessy: is this the best game move . you took away my safety

kaitlyn: Im still with you and i knew what i was risking. i thought that part of you would be like this is a bomb ass bitch!

Fessy: it's a bold move and will go down in history

kaitlyn as far as im concerned foutte isnt even real

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:15 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Fessy DR ahh my alliance is blowing up

Swaggy and tyler up in hoh to talk to kaitlyn

Swaggy: i never said taht you were teh bottom of the totem pole

kaitlyn: you sure

Swaggy: i swear on my dad's dead grave

tyler: DR yeah she was getting miscommunication. that was me telling her that so i need to get this where i need it to be

swaggy.. also im in a relationship with bayleigh and if i leave that will be taking away from me

swaggy i need one more to stay

Kaitlyn DR I feel for him but i know he has to go home.. and to take him away from someone he loves it's hurting me

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:17 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
kaitly to tyler alone

kaitlyn are we sure we ant to do this

tyler: DR c'mon kaitlyn we have the stars align

kaitlyn: it's so hard

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:18 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Swaggy talking about his family past.. went to 18 different HS, dad was in a coma and found dead.

Swaggy DR Ok i know you like that stuff sam.. now can you give me your vote

sam DR I've got a power and a second chance in the game.. maybe swaggy deserves one too

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:23 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
talk to the HG Final sway one brief statement

Swaggy up

Christopher here. swaggy superstar.. we all suck nothing has popped off yet.. winston is not a threat.. he cant win i can win and keep y8ou safe.. and julie chen dont cut my time i will say my outfit is flack

winston: im sorry i dont have a shirt that has my name on it. Id like to stay in the game if you vote to keep me i appreciate it

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:24 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Bayleigh vte Winston

Brett VTE Swaggy

Kaycee VTE not so Swaggy Christopher

tyler VTE Swaggy C

3-1 Commercial

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:31 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Angie VTE Winston

Haleigh VTE Winston

Fessy VTE Winston

Scottie im nobody's goon VTE Chris..

JC VTE Swaggy C

Angela VTE Swaggy

Rachel VTE Swaggy

Sam VTE Swaggy

8-4 Swaggy C you are evicted

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:33 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Swaggy hugs everyone, goes out the door and then reaches into his duffle bag and takes 2 shirts and throws them to the audience

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:40 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
Swaggy with julie

Julie you ar a superfan

swaggy hmmm

julie you thought you were running the house

swaggy hmmm

julie what happened

swaggy everyone is soft. someone from my side flipped last weeka dn someone flipped this week

julie who do you feel that flipped

swwaggy haleigh.. kaitly

julie why haliegh?

Swaggy she said she didnt knwo how she was goig to vote and she was the only one who didnt wear it

julie she vote for you to stay

swaggy oh she did? i didnt hug her

Julie i noticed
Julie you said a lot of strategy about coming in the show.. they show a clip of staying in the midle

Julie what happened?

Swaggy it didnt help that i got a girlfriend day 6

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:43 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
GB messages

Fessy im sorry.. im got yo

kaitlyn this is what is meant to happen

Tyler: Swaggy I've been in an alliance since Day 3 called Level 6, Our main objective was to eliminate the numbers from your side. Last week that involved getting Kaitlyn to flip. This week that involved the plan to backdoor you

bayleigh. this summer won't be the same without you . im going to give them hell

Julie do you love her

Swaggy i do

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:43 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
BB Store APP now open

UgotBronx 07-12-2018 06:56 pm

Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18
HOH Product launch

Watch 2 videos, answer questions on what you said. true or False. Wrong and you are eliminated. 7 questions. tiebreak if there is a tie

1) one of the color options was strawberry : answer False

kaycee out

2) Photo from 1979 was in black and white Answer False 1999

tyler bayleigh haleigh winston brett angela JC

3) Cry phone starting at 699 Answer true Sam out

Rachel Fessy Angie Scottie left

4) fear bud available in french False

all correct

5) Pineapple CEO was wearing a watch

true Angie out

6) CEO claimed the life pad can warn yo of backdoors False

Fessy is out

Rachel And scottie left

7) 99 gigabyte live pad cost 1299.00 False

both correct

tie breaker

In seconds how long was the microchip mayhem was from start to the final dot placed in bayleigh's tube

Scottie 1199 Rachel 12500

475 seconds

Scottie wins HOH

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