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UgotBronx 01-13-2019 03:57 pm

Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
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I will be posting the LIVE FEED UPDATES here once they go live from inside the Celebrity Big Brother House!

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UgotBronx 01-21-2019 07:23 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Premiere night #1

12 Hg's entered the BB House

HG's had to pair up in teams of 2.

Only 1 person of the winning pair will be HOH

Pairs were Ryan and Jonathan, Joey and Ricky, Lolo and Tom, Dina and Anthony, Tamar and Kandi

Kato and Natalie were last pair however they are SAFE from Nomination and Eviction!

HOH- Drinks on US

Ryan and Jonathan won HOH Competition but there's a TWIST

Ryan and Jonathan must compete against each other and the loser will automatically be nominated which will be shown on Tuesday Premiere night # 2

Premiere Night #2

Ryan and Jonathan face off in part 2 of HOH competition

Ryan won HOH BlockBuster

Jonathan was automatically nominated

Ryan had to nominate 2 additional people

Ryan nominated Anthony and Tom to be on the block

Jonathan, Tom and Anthony are on the block and up for eviction

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 10:17 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
And we're live!!

kandi Lolo natalie and tamar in the HOH tub random chatter about bathing suits.


Feeds 1/2 kitchen with Joey ryan Kato and tom they are playing cards


UgotBronx 01-22-2019 10:19 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Jon walks through the kitchen

Dina watching the guys play cards

the ladies are talking about how their bodies go after having kids

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 10:24 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19


Lolo to natalie on feeds 3/4 we get to give them our laundry tomorrow

kandi in

BB: Lolo please go to the DR UPSTAIRS

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 10:28 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Jonathan: i was just in the DR and my brain is fried!

Everyone is complaining that it's cold in the house they are wearing coats and sweaters


UgotBronx 01-22-2019 10:35 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Tamar in her PJ's already

Tamar asks natalie to help her with her mic pac in the bathroom

Natalie I want to know when we are live so i can say hi to my beu

Tamaar: we might be live now

natalie : hello John


UgotBronx 01-22-2019 10:42 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
All feeds on kitchen , most playing cards :cuss:


UgotBronx 01-22-2019 10:51 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
BB called Joey to the UPSTAIRS DR :shrug:

sorry i wont update them playing cards unless they are talking game and strategizing

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 10:58 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Jon: Why is his picture not greyed out yet?

SPOILER >>>> Anthony has been evicted!


UgotBronx 01-22-2019 11:04 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Ricky and kandi playing chess on the HOH landing

Ryan is getting ready to do his laps in the pool

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 11:15 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Ryan keeps checking to see if the Backyard is open for him so he can do laps

Tom and Dina are playing pool

kandi and ricky playing chess

Lolo: they let me do that interview with food on my mouth


UgotBronx 01-22-2019 11:25 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Ryan doing laps in the pool

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 11:35 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Nat how are they going to count the days? this would be 8 days

Lolo ask kato


Ryan doing back stroke right now

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 11:43 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Dina: was anthony lying when he said he saw a rat? I knew it wasn't a possum

Kato I think he was serious. he did a real jump.

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 11:47 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Kato: Tom talks in his sleep A LOT.

Ryan finished his laps

Ryan: I think i broke it..

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 11:50 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Joey to Jon: It's astonishing how quiet it gets in here when nobody talks.

UgotBronx 01-22-2019 11:52 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Tamar and ricky talking in the bedroom

Ricky how long you been here?

tamar for a while now

feeds flip back to ryan. he's out of the pool

tom: I was going to go in

ryan: i broke it again, i burned it out

tom; it's not made for olympic swimmers


UgotBronx 01-22-2019 11:57 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Ricky Tamar and kandi talking about being in atlanta..

kandi think about how many things are going on in atlanta that are reality tv shows.


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:09 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Tamar trying to explain 'relevant" Im talking about relevancy not success but let me stop cuz it's going to be a thing

Kandi: how? it don't matter to me.

tamar you trying to make me be shady

kandi: i was not trying to make you shady

Tamar: you can buy insights.. that doesnt make you relevant

knadi: you can? Well that doesnt matter

tamar: yeah if you have a lot of followers .. like you atlanta housewives are relevant.. you guys have a lot going on

Rickly well if you guys need an astrologer on the show

kandi: you can read me if you want

Ricky is going to sleep

kandi Alright im going to leave you be. good night

ricky goodnight

tamar: I cant and i wont be part of any negativity in my live and if it's there it needs to leave she just sat up here trying to make me seem shady.. that's the bullshit that she does and brings.. and she's not doing that to me..

Ricky maybe it's a misunderstanding

tamar not it's not a misunderstanding. she's shady as hell. i dont do that with women.. she be doing that shit.. she's been doing that since she's walked in the door and if you don't watch the show why the fuck are you here! Im not doing it! NAH!!

You know what im not going to be her and have that. one of us gotta go and one of us are on the block and one isnt..

tamar: now im playing a personal game.. I know we have an alliance.. im going to vote for kandi

tamara: she talking now about tiny and tanya and she trying to make like im shady boots..

natalie: what happened

tasmar: ask Ricky

Ricky kandi came in sat on the bed and they started talking and they got louder and louder. i dont think they get along

tamar: no she fake.. what happened she came in talking about the work load.. and I said that isnt she use to it cuz of housewives of atlanta..


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:16 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Ricky : I think that you are intelligent and that you tried to tell her and she didn't understand and you gave her a compliment but you have to understand that she might not have understood

Tamar: she acting ever since the camera's went on.. dont act like i dont get along with people and make it like i think that people are less than. im a mother and i got 4 sisters and i know when a woman is trying to be catty .

ricky the end result

tamar: she sat her and said monica and tiny and toya..

tamar: Im like what are you talking about. that's not what im saying.. im talking bout relevant..

Ricky it's going to look petty

tamar: im like why you here.. you dont want BB why you here

ricky you voting for her aint going to make her go

tamar; that's fine. it';s my game. and i dont want her here.. like she wants to bring up her friends.. like whats the point of that. she was being slick and that was unnecessary.. like take the compliment. people wanted you to come on kandi cuz you are relevant..

tamar: I walk off this whole set before I let kandi burruss ,make me look like a tyrant. AGAIN! Like i cant take the negativeness

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:20 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Tamar steps out

Lol and nat: we gotta keep them apart. they are going at it again.

tamar back.: Don't come and sit on my bed . it's not the turn up season. try with someone else im not going for it!

ricky everyone was getting cool but then the camera's come on and everyone starts playing up

Lolo : it's ;ike the 1st day.. i think tomorrow it will be cool

Ricky that's what im saying


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:22 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Tamar: why i gotta be on another show where i got beef with people. I didnt sign up for that shit!

Lolo: but you did sign up for this game?

tramar: yeah.. and I didnt sign up for when they're on facebook talking shit about me..

Lolo: you guys got history that's why they signed you guys up .


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:25 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
tamar is stressed

nat hugs her

nat tamar and lolo go to ge cookies

joey trying to do a shower order..

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:30 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
tamar: why it gotta keep happening over and over again. Friday can't come fast enough. Hits the DR button


Kandi in to see ricky: why did she say Friday cant come quick enough?

Ricky I dont know

kandi leaves

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:36 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Tom to Kato: what i was thinking that was fortunate.. even though you won the veto. we knew that if you won you were going to pull me off. when we did the news contest.. we could have done simultaneously look and it. like I got 7 what did you get.. are you allowed to say that? if you are in an alliance with someone?

Kato; i don't know..

tom; you'd do it if you wanted someone else to win.

Kato: you wouldn't do that cuz you would want to be sure

Tom I counted it out

Kato: in hindsight it would have been best if you won.

Tom; yeah i know. i tried.. Im going to ask in the Dr that if in the future if we can help each other out

Kato: we are going to have to decider our move if we win next HOH

Tom: im going to stay up till i feel it's safe for me to go to bed but i dont want to over stay my welcome. I feel that we are pretty set up

Kato: is ricky in bed already?

Tom: yeah.. i might want to go to bed before i do something stupid

UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:44 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Ricky in the bathroom with Jon Lolo and nat

ricky i was in there . it's like it happens and then in the morning it's fine

Lolo: yeah i said that it's fine and then it builds up.


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:49 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Joey to kandi: take your time in the shower.. i know that there is a certain energy building up.. you just take your time im really sensitive to that. i know you can talk to someone and you can disagree but there is a certain way to talk to someone. you look like you are getting emotional. . take your time. you good?

Kandi yeah.

Kandi heads up to hoh to shower and she starts crying


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:56 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Ricky: She, aka TAMAR was snoring a little. i was going to get up and give her a shove.

Lolo: a little? OMG!


UgotBronx 01-23-2019 12:57 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Tuesday 1/22/19
Joey: it's too easy to be mean. we have to be better than that.

Jon: yeah https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DxlHhuHX0AY5IeC.jpg:large

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