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UgotBronx 09-10-2017 08:45 am

Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
Jason evicted 3-2 with Christmas as the tie breaker

Alex won HOH Fake News

Alex nominated Kevin and Raven to be on the block

Josh won POV Lime Drop

Josh did NOT use the POV

Kevin and Raven remain on the block and were up for eviction

Raven evicted 2-1

Josh won HOH

Josh nominated Kevin and Alex to be on the block

Paul won POV BB Comics

Wednesday Special Eviction Episode

Thursday Regular Eviction

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 08:51 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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UgotBronx 09-10-2017 09:19 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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HG's still :zzz:

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 10:55 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
2 Attachment(s)
Lights on

kevin shaving

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 11:01 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
4 Attachment(s)
Kevin grabs coffee and says the washing machine isnt working

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 11:15 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
4 Attachment(s)
Inside lockdown 10:58am

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 11:24 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
2 Attachment(s)
Lockdown over.. kevin rushes to get dressed to go back out

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 11:27 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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Kevin puts on oil and then heads to bathroom

Kevin i dont know if i can talk to myself.

kevin to himself people sleeping stilll all fuckiing day!!! throws towel

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 11:50 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
2 Attachment(s)
alex josh xmas on patio

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 11:53 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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Josh lets talk about the beatuiful things before we start talking shit

kevin we can play pool tonight?

paul yeah

Kevin so yeah we can do thsat? right

kevin im going to walk the yard and do laundry you got anything that you need me to do

paul no

kevin ok jsut let me know ok?

kevin you think you can fry me an egg

paul i dont know how to fry an egg get the girls to do it

kevin no it's ok i'll do it.. it's an egg i'll eat it no matter how it comes out.. ok im going out. see you out there

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 12:08 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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kevin complained to paul

Kevin listen last night i was out there with them 4 i aint gonna say "any names" but i sneezed but only 1 person said God Bless You, you did.. like what is it.. it's common courtesy.. and then i hear that girl making planes with you guys . chochella's and stuff she aint been with you all season.. and then making plans to have out at jeissica's.. like what planet are we on.. im glad i am in my scorner..

paul joins xmas and amex

paul why were they so adamant about waking us up

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 12:09 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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alex is he stawring at us?

xmas kind of

josh outside

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 12:25 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
2 Attachment(s)
Josh rehashing the jess fight

alex iscrew her she siad not to amke fun of her hoh letter cuz her mom doesn't speak english well and then made fun of you

xmas she doesnt even like her mom.. im not telling anything that she didnt talk open about.. but she feels guilty that her dad passed away..

josh she ahs her bitchy and mean side but you can tell she had a good hearet.. out of all those group

alex i didnt notice zipo.. the only time she was nice to me was to lie to me

paul i dont jsut people on shit outside this game

xmas i hope she and cody work out. i hope she doesnt hold any grudges.. i hope she see's .. find s what her lesson is

josh she's a strong person

paul she's fine..

xmas she will bounce back fast

josh pre jury she's one of the best

paul and cameron.. we talked aobut him the most..

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:03 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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alex saying the rosary inside

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:12 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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Alex he's not very happy with out his partner around

paul nope

paul come in the apple room i have to talk to you


paul im iun a little of a pickle.. so i think that if i use the veto on you im throwing my game in the trash.. i trust you. im not going to beat around the bush.. josh nominated to get one of us out . i talked to both of them. i told him i nwould take him to F2. i said that to him every sicne i need him for when jaosn ent.. so if i use it xmas goes up and it's me and you and we sweep and go to the end.. i lose jury votes. if i do this.. im not saying that we are all exhausted all options.. if we can convince them to keep you.. and if you won the veto and pulled yourself off i would go up anad go home

paul im in a tough spot.. im torn and dont know what to do youa re the homie and we worked and did a ton of shit together.. but if i do this i lose..

paul i never thought id come this far.. i know you and I can sweep to the end.. and i know i would lose and you would win and im not going to take that away from you.. but i ahve family and friends and they would be saying i made the same mistake i did last year.. and i lost the same way i did last year.

paul and when i shook yoru hand i said you reminded me of myself last year.. i am the reason why they would get swept.. i have a genuine chance to win. i dopnt want to sound like a selfish prick

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:22 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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paul i wanted to make sure that i didn all that i could doi.. but i dont know..

alex i wanted you to win

paul now this thing with the kevin thing.. i had to promise a lot of things to keep him.. and if i lose him to jury.. i won't get that vote.. im not taking him before you..

paul i .. it's super hard for me.. and the more i see these fuckers laughing it pisses me off more .. i dont know what to do

alex you ahve to do what you have to do dude

paul i was alone didnt think i was goiong to make it you always had jason. i as on my own. even if those would work with me they all had their own thing going on. it's been a rough tough journey for me. i dont want to disappoint people again

paul im not beating around the bush or ambiguous.. i dont know if elena will keep that promise to you and those 3 once i make this move i lose those 3 votes. do y8ou get what im saying. they would be pissed. they would be bitter salty.. xmas would be.. josh..

paul it's hard to say that. i dont think im being selfish but it sounds wired.. even though i want to use I dont see me winning and i would be the enxt target.. i know that.. it was like vic and i last year.. i wanted that if it was like that last year.. and if it was like taht i would leave over you ahdns down.. and it makes me feel taht i let uyou down i should ahve won that hoh

alex just keeps nodding and has her heard down

paul if you think you can work xmas and josh then that is a differnt story.. then i wouldnt ahve to cross them and then keivn wouldnt be so mad..

alex i didnt want to throw the comp to you but i did and that saved you adn I but i wanted to win ity and save jaosn.. bso that ws a stupid move on my part. i trusted that we weer going to do this together.. i put you before jason.. and that is why im so upset the whole backdoor thing

paul that was real?

alex yo think so? i think that xms didnt like jason.. should have pulled jason off

paul i wanted to do taht but they said that to trust them..

alex we should ahve sent kevin home on that one.. and ive beens screwed left and right

paul im not trying to screw you.. this nitty gritty in teh game.. i dont know what to do if i make this move i lose if i dont then i ahve a chance.. and it's really hard

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:24 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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Alex you do what is right for you..

paul i never would expect you to put yor ride or die before me.. you are a dope person and a female version of me.. there are 2 people that would hate me and i would get swept to you 7-2.. mayber rave/matt and that's it.

alex nods

paul when it comes down to game talk i would lose.. if i made this move .. it was tough and im not saying it wasn't hard for you but being the only vet you know how hard i worked.. and no one else does.. im torn between myself and this situation..

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:26 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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paul im nto going to blindside you blow smoke up your ass or steamroll you.. youa re my homie.. im torn if i make this move then you win

alex i understand.. but..

paul we are sweeping if i make this move.. and get 2nd place again

alex and yeah i get sent home.. i already talked to xmas.. she said josh wants me out.

paul we fucked up .. i fucked up.. we killed it..

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:31 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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xmas did we know that paul was going to have that convo with her

josh i dont know if he is saying that he talked to us and told her that

xmas he's not going to do the jury's thing.. but if he uses it i go up and out cuz im the strongest competitor.

josh im keeping it 100 with her

xms you ahve to

Alex did he throw it?

paul who?

Alex kevin. khe keeps saying he;'s color blind.. he told josh that too. i dont know.. i dont know if they and him have something.. when has kevin won anything.. when ahs josh won anything and xmas we threw the hoh to her and you threw the veto to josh

alex right we did that..

Alex i dont even care if i get 2nd place but loosing to these guys suck.

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:35 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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Alex if its reversed i would have saved you..

paul i woudnt ahve let you not use the veto.. i woudlnt ahve trusted their decision like i ahve them to do that..

alex i almost did that for jillian and jason..

paul i didn't want to wait to the last day.. i like you. you are my friend and i ahve to talk to you and im not going to screw you over like that and take the cowards way out.. it's not my character.. if i do that i lose 3 votes.. and i know you ahve 4 secured.. i'd like to see me win i didnt float or skate by.. i buested my aass off. but if i do this you win and i throw my game away.. if i dont i ahve a chance to win

Alex i dont think that xmas would vote for me and i wouldn't vote her out

paul it doesnt matter why wanted me out

alex yo do what is best for your game,., one of them is going to get 2nd place for sure..

paul it fudcks me up i know how much harder you worked than all of them,.

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:38 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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Paul we allowed them to get as far as they got they didnt know

alex i shouldn't ahve thrown that to xmas i wanted to get kevin out.. i listened to everything that you said and now im like fuck..

paul the whole plan was to get kevin out

alex yeah i threw him out and you guys got out traven.. i think i set the game up for all 4 of you to sweep im going home

paul they aren't going to sweep shit. and they wanted raven out

alex kevin should ahve been out before jason

paul im not letting him get to the end..

alex do whatever is good for your game

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:40 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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alex now im locked. i dont ahve a chance.. im not trying to guilt yo but im telling you the fact

paul if i do it you ahve a fighting chance

alex we only ahve one more Hoh

paul and veto

alex can josh focus

paul josh beat me in that.. and i dont know what comps they will do

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:46 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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Alex i wihs you would have told me this before.. im so stupid i woudlnt ahve threw it..

paul the situation sucks.. im not mad alex and im not trying to cry in front of you and i know yuo are not a fan of that shit.. but it hurts me..

paul youa re my friend in here but i would vote for you to win and this is where the emotions of BB come into play and if i let my emotions take over i secure my lose.

alex we dont ahve to keep going over it. it's chill. it;s not me winning it's me not getting even 2nd..

alecx and if the situation was flipped i would still take you even if i was going to lose.. i wasn't going to take josh over you.. i was going to take you

paul you would win

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:48 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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Alex i dont want to keep talking about it.. it secures a lose for me.. i get it.. i dont want to keep talking about it i get it.. it';s not the person i am

paul that's not the person i am either but if it was my 1st time playing i would do it but if i make the same mistake twice.

alex we dont ahve to keep talking about it paul

paul i want to see if i can get in their head to keep you

alex they expressed taht they can beat kevin..

paul i can still try

alex i appreciate it but they wont

paul if that's the case that you stay i wouldnt have to do the 3 votes in the end

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:50 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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alex i knew i was asking you if jason was going home

paul no sense in killing yourself over this and looking back.. if there's any shred of consolation im sure that you will get america's player.

alex lets nto talk about that

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 01:56 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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paul i wasn't going to not talk to yo

alex i appreciate that

paul you are not my enemy.. i wanted to be honest with you.. and im not going to not do that.. and i dont want you to think im selfishly fucking me over it;s not that

alex to be honest it does feel like that 100%

Alex i thought that you or jason would win over me and i would be ok with it.. but not them. i shouldnt ahve thrown those comps

paul i want you to get it out..

alex i dont wnat to keepo throwing shit at you

paul no it's ok yo can if i am doing this to you

paul yuou say im securing you losing.. i am securing me losing if i do the other

alex well it;'s $40,000

paul i dont care about tehmoney

alex it is about teh money for me

paul well it is but i cant say what i want about taht and i know hyou are locking up what im putting down. its not that im living the high life

ale it jsut sucks.. i i worked really hrd.. she;s tearing up a little

alex we dont have to talk about it any more it;'s jsut worse

paul im sorry dude im going to do what iu can for this

alex we are stuck..

paul maybe xmas i can promise her soemthing

alex thank you

paul its not taht i dont want to go to the end with alex it's that i lose those votes..

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 02:00 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
paul you think they are going to do anything

alex maybe a special eviction on tuesday..

paul then an hoh and nomination

alex yeah and ahve another eviction on thurs. they wont do anything monday cuz of football

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 02:07 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
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paul they all wanted raven out.. even though you said you wanted kevin out i was over trumped that he didnt vote

alex we jsut needed one more

paul they were set on that.. everyone dislikes kevin but no one is afraid of his game play

alex that's why im saying xmas is playing the game now cuz she wanted to sneak by

paul you think i can do it

alex yeah i think you will . i will vote for you and jason

paul he hates me right now..

alex he might tell me this was yoru plan all along and im stupid and i'll still vote for you

Paul i ahvent done any jury management.. but either have them,.., im going to talk to them.. and im sorry alex.. i let you down..

alex it's alrighgt

paul i met a legit friend

alex you got my vote but i might nt be able to see you right after

paul i genuinely think you are one of the coolest people

alex i have to go pee now

paul gets up to hug alex

alex NO HUGS..NO

paul denied a hug

alex goes to pee

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 02:12 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
13 Attachment(s)
Paul up to hoh but not before he checks in the mirror that he 's got the crying face down

kevin you alright/

paul im fine

kevin you sure?

paul sobs to xmas in HOH then a group hug and checks to make =sure the camera is in on him..

UgotBronx 09-10-2017 03:06 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17
9 Attachment(s)
2:46pm BBT feeds 1/2

Alex paul told me he's not using the veto on me

josh you want to talk

alexno. motions crying

josh talk to me

alex no it's not going to happen again..

josh i want to talk..

alex i dont want t talk game.. i dont want to talk

josh don't cry

alex leaves and josh breaks down crying..

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