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UgotBronx 09-19-2018 01:23 pm

Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
Haleigh evicted 4-0

Tyler won HOH Buffering

Tyler nominated JC and Sam

Tyler JC Sam Brett Angela and Kaycee all played in veto

Angela won POV Block and Roll

Angela used POV on JC

Tyler named Brett as the replacement nominee

Sam and Brett were on the block up for eviction

Brett evicted 3-0

Friday special guest Bebe Rexha played for the HG

Next Wednesday Special Eviction

Angela won HOH BB Flix n Chill

Angela nominated Sam and JC to be on the block

Angela, Sam, JC, Tyler Kaycee all played in POV

Kaycee won POV

Kaycee did not use the POV

Sam and JC remain on the block and are up for eviction

UgotBronx 09-19-2018 01:24 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
:casey: There's a week left till the FINALE!:casey:
:cheers: And only a couple of days left for the LIVE FEEDS !! :cheers:

I've worked hard to transcribe this season of Live Feeds and aired shows

I've work around some hiccups making sure you didn't miss the fun and/or critical information.

This includes posting images paired up to the text to give you the visual scenes as they happened.


If you appreciate and read the updates you can show your gratitude with a "tip/donation!"

:wave: Thank you to those that have already donated! :wave:

How to donate Go to paypal, select "send to friends/family" and put in my email addy Ugotbronx @ Gmail .com (remove the spaces )
Thank you ALL so very much!:cheers:

UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:04 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
Julie on the tv screen

HG's HG's gather in the living room and no one sit in the nomination seats

tyler: ughh

Kaycee hey girl!

Julie: listen closely, guess what? eviction night has come early by the end of the night one of you will be evicted and sent to the jury

Julie one should always expect the unexpected


UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:07 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
Julie Im julie chen moonves

Angela: DR I nominated sam and jc. im loyal to the end with level 6 and i feel unstoppable

sam: this is the 4th time ive been on the block they dont want to hurt me they just want the money. im going to win this veto

JC: angela nominated me. what hurt me is that im pretty sure that tyler is behind this. all in can do is win veto and pull myself off the block

tyler: sam and jc are on the block they have been good allies to me but i want to be sitting next to level 6 and someone who has made big moves in the game

UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:11 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
JC talking to orwell

kaycee; it's not easy seeing sam and jc on the block main mission is level 6 at the end and we have to make big moves

angela; why is he doing that i want to just hug him

JC to tyler: it's hard to see you with them. i feel out on a limb. yeah i have you but you know you have angeal.. and sam doesn't count. i need to remind you that im your friend and not your pawn

JC DR i can get in tyler's head. if i win the veto or sam. i dont want you to go up.. i want her to put up kaycee.. if kaycee wins hoh it's you and me on the block.. she has no choice if we win veto.. what happened last week cant happen

tyler: JC has been bothering me about putting him up and all its doing is making me think about sending JC home

UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:17 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
Whip cream fight (see livre feed threads for pics)

Veto comp. get in gear and head to separate rooms

Tyler goes 1st Remove sword from stomp. go thru the maze. 1 wizard 2 would 3 witches to lift curse. pull sword to stop your clock if you hear the witches cackle you must start over

POV Your Maze are Numbered


UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:23 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
kaycee runs thru the maze 1st to make sure she knows where everything is

angela: I have tow in this cuz im not putting up a member of level 6

angela: i keep making the same mistake over and over again.. I want to rip my hair out!!

Sam: i never give up i made it this far. all these people will send me to the jury house and that would suck


UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:26 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
JC scooped the maze before he started.. I hope that no one beat my time because i need to win this veto


UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:35 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
Kaycee: 5:46

Sam: 30:00 timed out

Tyler: 6:29

Angela: 10:50

JC: 11:09

kaycee wins POV

kaycee does not use the veto

kayce: the house is a lot smaller and makes sense for me to not shake things up

Kaycee: DR we have won the next 10 comps . we have got to win the next comp. we are so close.

Sam; tyler might not be on my side. i dont know if i can trust anyone. i have to keep me in the house

JC; if they keep me in the house. they are going to be running for their lives

Tyler: it sucks. having to vote out a friend


UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:35 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18

Eviction next

UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:46 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
Sam: im sorry i wasn't expecting company my fellow hg's you know what i would say if i ahd something planned. and i love each and every one of you.. I would love the opportunity to do something for myself. im not ready to leave and if i do feed the fish i dont want then to die

JC: hi how are you hope you're ok.. thank you to CBS .. let me get to the point i really have to pee.

JC: this sucks let me give you a hug.. to my family BB boyfriend he has to keep me cuz he is the love of my live.. to kaycee you know what to do we are a team and keep going strong in this house

Kaycee VTE Sam

Tyler VTE Sam

Sam 2-0 Sam is evicted

Sam im really about to do this in my sweatpants




UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:47 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
Julie 2-0? are you surprised

Sam: yeah. JC was a pain in the butt..

Julie we heard you time and time again that you felt alone

Sam: i think ti was part of my own doing. i cant thank you and cbs and im still thrilled and tickled to be here

julie final seconds what did you learn about yourself

Sam; it would take longer than a few seconds

Julie yuou are off to the jury house and we will see you sept 27 where you decided with the juryu who the winner is

UgotBronx 09-19-2018 05:57 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
HOH What the Bleep

Tyler Kaycee and JC compete

View video's by HG. I will tell you the bleep out phrase MIGHT be True or False
after 7 videos new HOH

Brett: i just had a vision PULL False JC/tyler point

2) Im so excited to ? everyone one of you SPEND TIME WITH Get to knwo. False
JC gets a point

3) out of the 5 people that coulda gone up and that coulda been me Disappointing selfsih all guessed true. all wrong

JC 2 Tyler 2 Kaycee 0

4) I want to apologize to the people i HURT CORRECT all correct

All gets a point

5) Rachel i nominated you you haven't really ?? TALKED TALKED all correct

JC 4 ATyler 3 Kaycee 2

6) last week tyler??? bayleigh SPOKE TO CAME TO

Jc tyler each get a point

JC 5 tyler 4 kaycee 2

7) who would you like to ??? in this game TRUST EMPOWER

Kaycee right

JC wins 5 tyler $ kaycee 3

JC wins HOH


UgotBronx 09-19-2018 06:03 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18
Julie hello and congrats final 4.. the star of the hour is JC this is your 1st win and it's a big one..

JC: i was waiting to win the right one.

Julie this guarantees you a slot in the F3.. what do you want to see in your HOH basket from home

JC: protein bars and 8 bottles of champagne

JC Im top 3!!!


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