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UgotBronx 04-08-2018 03:16 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
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Ryan spent the day campaigning the same pitch he gave to johnny to erica ali liv and paras

Johnny grilled paras. his main this was if he was to use the veto who paras would vote out.. Paras voiced that ryan would be going and ot not do that to his game and get kaela and derek mad at him

Liv asked ali who she thinks johnny is closer to Ali said Will or Erica

Will is current thinking that he wants to ask johnny to use the veto on him. he states taht kaela said that she would have taken him down isf she won the veto so it's the same thing.. im taking a phone call from my son.. i got put up as a pawn..

paras no you thought it was a deal.

Will i dont know who i would put up if i was in HOH till i was in that room.. and it was kinda shitty what she did to maddy

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 03:20 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
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maddy studying

johnny goes to maddy to figure out what maddy thinks if he uses the veto

Maddy im out if i go up.. and ryan will sewer me if he is up there with me.. and ever if he goes my game is shit if he leaves and will will be fine with it.. and it's selfish.. i know i will go up..

maddy i agree that if you use the veto with a one for one and i dont think that you ruin your relationship with will if you dont win it . it is yoru move to make not my move.. I think will truest you more than he does me.. and right now he's scared and nervous for being on the block..

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 03:23 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
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maddy and that flower is off the wall now for good

ryan in with laundry and then leaves

johnny i thin i will be ruining other relations to keep you safe..

maddy you ahve to do whatever you need for your game..

johnny i want to take the opportunity to just like

maddy if you use it i will go.. or it will affect my game next week.. and right now ryan isnt campainging to anyone again will (yes he is )

maddy and i want to respect Will and if you have to do that for your game no hard feelings

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 03:26 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
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paras will jsut said that kaela toild him that kaela would you use the veto on him if she won it

johnny he said that to me too

maddy i haven't heard that

paras y8ou need to talk to her aobut it..

johnny and i feel that the person isnt going home

maddy ryan will say anything

paras will is good but he's worried if there is a secret veto

maddy i feel that is paranoia base.. but it's a factor in teh game.. the secret veto is someone goes up ion ryan's place.. not that they go automatically home.

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 03:41 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
maddy if you use it. i know i will go up and i am not your responsibility . you ahve done enough for me in this game

johnny i want to talk to will.. why cant you all be on the same page. it's annoying.

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 03:48 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
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Ali and kaela outside

kaela i don't think that johnny will use the veto though

ali unless you put up m,addy or paras..

kaela how did you come to this conclusion..

ali i feel that this is a risky thing for me to say..

kaela no derek and i need someone to work with

ali i will deny it

ali theya re saying that they want to get in our heads to take a shot at you guys if we win next week

kjela and they are saying the same thing to us

kaela if johnny comes to me and says he's using the veto.. and he says take a shot at you ior liv..

ali no he would expect pars and maddy to go up

kaela haas erica suggested it to you

ali erica said it doesnt make sense to wait for the triple

akaela wiat i wsnt coming for uyou guys

ali she finally came to terms that having 2 dou's in teh game is not goo for her game and she needs johnny in this game and she would chose johnny before us

kaela yeah.. people would get rid of johnny before her but she would get rid of uys before johnny

Ali do we make a big move?

kaela will is going to be sour at me

ali if ryan won the veto you coulda put johnny up and then it waas set

kaela yeah i said that to derek.. that johnny fought for his life.. he didnt know it.

kaela do you think that people would vote out erica?

Ali johnny and will no. and our only hope is maddy and apras and highlight that she is a threat

akela if she stayed anad i took the shot

ali i wonder what maddy/pars would do. ryan is one thing but erica is a beast..

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 03:52 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
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kaela we are not teh competitors that they are.. and lets face i won a comp holding a button.. and peole are figuring it out that since i didnt put you guys up
Ali if johnny comes to you to use the veto i think you should encourage it

kaaela if he beats around the bush

ali he's going to say that thre is a special power that ryan has and he's nervous.. if he ssays maddy and paras to go up .. go to that person and say that johnny said yoru nae, and throw erica up.. and hope they will vote erica out..

akela if ryan comes down with the veto he's a vote for johnny's side

ali not if we get to him before it

kaela and if ryan wins the hoh for the triple it's the 4 oof us up there..

ali yeah its going to be us anyone..

kaela i dont trust ryan.. and i want to see what johnny's conversation is with me and he said that he is talking to everyone and then he will talk to me

ali he's trying to make sure that ryan goes hom

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 03:56 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
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ali and i hate to say it but we are slowly losing E

kaela yeah..

Ali you have options.. veto doesn't get used.. ryan goes home

kaela you guys ahve to win and this way i can play in the triple..

ali or will down maddy/paras up fuck..

akela erica is a number for us..if she goes we are down to 4.. but is she really a number for us

ali i dont know..

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 04:08 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
i'll be back later :wave:

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 06:22 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
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quick post

Liv and paras made a fort with teh cursed bed

Johnny kaela had a long talk about him using teh vet and he suggested that maybe maddy/paras be the renom if he uses it

kaela didnt say no but she did know that johnny was going to say that from ali

kaela told johnny she would tell them they have to decide which of them will go up. also sid she doesnt want to get more blood on her hands.. they touched based on the 'triple' again :deadhorse;

Derek entered teh room and they are going thru it all again

UgotBronx 04-08-2018 06:29 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 4/8/18
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the fort got a visitor

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