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UgotBronx 08-30-2017 08:55 am

Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
Mark evicted 4-2

Jason won HOH Everyone one's a Weiner

No one took an apple from the Tree Temptation

Jason nominated Raven and Matt to be on the block

POV Players Jason Matt Raven Josh Paul Kevin, Christmas hosting

Jason won POV Hide and Go Veto

Kevin and Matt are Have Nots

Jason did not use the POV

Raven and Matt remain in the block and are up for eviction

Matt has chosen to break the have not rules, he has received a penalty vote (1)

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 08:56 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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UgotBronx 08-30-2017 08:58 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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All Hg's sleeping

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 09:10 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Xmas and kevin up change out batteries and head back to bed

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 09:57 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
hg's still sleeping will be back later

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 03:36 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Everyone in ther kitchen

Xmas made horns on her handle bars

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 03:44 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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paul and xmas eating from xmas stash draw from her hoh and other stuff she;s hiding

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 03:51 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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kevin c'mon she is baiting me..

jaosn the game dictats it

keivn i got no problem

joasn that must be what it takes

kevin tell her im not saying a single word about her..

jaosn i dont care if you do or don't.. i beleive you wont..

kevin cuz you'll look like an asshole

kevin i said that alex is like a puppet master.. adn matt ran out like a girl and then when they started charging (last night otuside with matt)

kevin im not even going to watch the show when i get home.. and i mean it. it doesnt matter

jaosn everyone is in agreement.. we all love kevin i love kevin.. and that son of a bitch is going to announce my show one day

kevin i'll go and tell he. you think i should? i would

jason yeah

jaosn yeah you saiying she is a good player.. .. but she isnt the one taht did it.. she jumped in

kevin tell her i promise

jason you should say

kevin i will say i wont apologize but i never said anything bad about her

jason she's word sensitive.. she misunderstands words.. so either dont say anything.. or say you are sorry

kevin ok i will apologize

jason if youa re going to do it. then dont.. but if you dont just say i'll never bad mouth yo in the game.. and things got carried away

kevin i want to say.. it's all a game take a deep breath.. when we leave it's over.. and i will wink at you when i do say it

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 03:54 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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jaosn people wopnder.. cuz everyone says something different.. everyone is so careful to listen to words.. so everyone wants to know.. and you said you dont like alex

kevin no i said that i dont like the way she is treating me.. i think she is mistreating me.. and i ahve the right to say that.. people are coming to me asking me what i did to alex.. and finally it came to a head.. and what im going to cry like a baby to her?

joasn it's going to mean way more if you tell her than it comin from me

kevin im nt going to talk about you.. when i leave this game.. it's over. and deep down i think alex is the best player in here

jason you dont think she is scared?

kevin game sabotage? they took my fucking food.. and then the slippers.. i told therm dont make shit up about me and is said that i wouldnt vote for her .. it was funny

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:01 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
What you need to know

last night kevin ask matt an innocent question and matt took that as an opportunity to yell at Kevin. The feeds went to fishies.. during that time Raven and Alex both jumped into that argument with kevin.

Alex and Raven both called him names.. asked about the $$ that was won. throwing comps,

Kevin told alex that he doesnt like her and that he's leaving with $40K when/if he leaves. And that he wont be talking to any of them when the show is over.

Kevin didnt say anything to raven(from what's been said so far)

This carried on thru the night on the retells.

Kevin was isolated from the group for most of the night

jason talked to kevin this morning and told him after yesterday that he's going to the end with alex that alex is his ride or die. And it's mainly because everyone wants Kewin out of the house.

Kevin knows to be safe next week he needs to win HOH and/or POV if he doesnt win HOH. He might be the back door option.

Jason is everyone's target except for alex and kevin next week.

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:07 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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kevin the times i lost the hoh each time i was a have not.. but listen they ain't worth hitting anyone on. they talked to me "in there' DR and they said that's a lot of money to lose jsut to hit someone.. so i stay in my room and then i come out to eat .. but they all look at me like im the bad guy..

Kevin i only lied the one day when i was in here.. i tried to tell you.. if i told you i would have jeopardized everything before jury

jason im glad that you didnt say anything.. you woulda been a target..

Kevin now whoever gets 2nd they only make $5000 more than me..

jaosn i dont know why you said that but

kevin why would i do that if i was up $40g's.. they said in teh DR that i would lose everything.. all of it..

kevin so now im content..

jason youa re in a good spot.. im worried about my ride or die.. alex..

kevin it's what you ahve to do

jason you shot at her..

kevin it's not about me..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:10 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Kevin i was trying to tell you but i was worried that you would tell alex.. and then when i got to jury i ws like dont say anything now..

kevin if it's you agsint anyone im voting for you .. if it's alex vs anyone else i'll give my vote to alex.. and besides i dont talk to any of those people in the jury.. all i know is that i beat almost everyone.. but 1st and 2nd place..

kevin 1st time ever in BB history $25,000 the1st night.

kevin it's going to be you there in F2.. no doubt

jason i hope so.. but it's still early

kevin i want you and paul .. but shit im still in it..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:14 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Paul josh playing chess

xmas watching

alex on sofa doing her eyebrows

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:17 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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kevin it wasn't an argument he ran up to my face and i saw his pearly whites.. and what they (DR) told me i said fuck it.. i dont want this guy to run up to me again.. im avoiding him

jason it's up to you .. but if that guy follows you around.. you ahve to leave.. you have more at stake than he does..

kevin i dont think he has the nerve to but

jason i'd be like fuck it im already out of here put me out..

kevin i tried and THEY said .. and fishies!

Kevin my strategy is to yell back but now i cant..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:30 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Kevin so now i wont throw comps come thrus. but i did have 5 surgeries in my wrist. they wanted to fuse it but i said no.. when it's cold is when it hurts

Jason i thought ramses won it

kevin that dumb prick didnt know what was going on..

kevin im going to fly ramses in for thanksgiving.. i promised him..

kevin i would call him you little piss pot.. .. he's got family taht lives near me.. so he can meet me when he comes in

kevin i always wanted to tell you about teh money..

Jason i was mad.. i won the trail one.. i wanted to win it.. i ws mad..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:33 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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raven cooking in the kitchen

kevin dont tell anyone it's jsut between me and you.. they must believe it by now any how..

jason there is no denying it.. everyone knows.. you said alex you ain't gonna win and even if you get 2nd place you'll only get $5000 more than me.. and jason then you said

kevin about the show.. that a shoe can win sitting next to her. now that was funny

jason i think it's funny now

jason everyone that gets into an argument goes.. all but josh.. and he is the one that initiates it..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:37 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Kevin listen if it's me and raven up on the block next week dont send me home before her.. you vote to keep me..

jason yeah unless they say you better vote this way or you are next

kevin what? aint nobody going to beat you

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:39 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Kevin do me a favor dont tell them i told you i won the money.. i dont want to give them proof.. i will talk to alex.. . and if you win you said you will take me to iowa.. and if the house falls in and i win i will take you ..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:44 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Kevin finally leaves

jason grabs the pic of his son and says you little stud muffin and kisses the picture

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:50 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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josh did kevin calm down?

jason yeah.. i told him that everyone loves him..

josh he needs to come clean to the people that he needs to..

Jason he's still loying.. but it doesnt matter.. everyone already knows

josh if he comes clean it will make his time better

jason i said taht he needs to apologize for him

josh i dont want to isolate him cuz it's kevin..

jason yeah dont isolate him

josh i was trying to talk to him but he was saying he didnt .. and that there are people controlling the house

jason he will be alright now if not i said to him im sticking with alex and that it was shitty that he said that.. and he will tell me if he apologizes to alex

josh if he apologizes.. at least we can move on but he is still going..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 04:53 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Alex im so bored

jason i said to him that our 4 is shocked he shit the bed. i said what is he doing.. and he said i don't know

matt in ot use the bathroom

alex we heard you say I dont care

jason i said that.. he said would it be dumb for me to stop playing.. and i said no.. and i said it was bullshit taht he did that to her that she is a 24 year old young..

alex he's got 6 daughters.. and he's going to say that to me.. america;'s going to hate him.

jason i said that she's a young girl and to say that to her.. it's not right..

Jason i told him if he was a man he would apologize to you.

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 05:07 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Alex kevin keeps talking about boston no one gives a shot about Boston right now.. so shut up.. and you look like you got leatherface..

alex then mocks kevin and the faces he makes in the mirrors (duckface)

alex i told him from the beginning i came her to win.. i didnt bring dresses or make up and stuff. i came to win

alex i dont want to think about jury

jason yeah it;s crazy to think about it..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 05:08 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
be back after the aired show :wave:

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 06:15 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Everyone but kevin sitting at the table talking about cody :deadhorse:

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 06:52 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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jason and alex studying in HOH

Xmas and josh

xmas it doesnt matter which one goes

josh alex carried jason the whole fucking game let her go 1st then jason will be lost

xmas and josh back to studying

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 07:08 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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paul lets keep doing that to kevin to make him paranoid and we are in a perfect world

paul we're still undetectable. and the fact you 2 are bantering was perfect

josh what the fuck about alex saying that if there was a girls 5 i wouldnt be here..

xmas she is being so arrogant

paul yeah so arrogant

paul she said if she's in f2

xmas she keeps saying when she's f2

paul she says she's going to the end

josh she siad if she goes to the end does she have my vote

paul she feels suepr comfortable.. i dont mind winning teh next one

paul we need to control the person we want aas our 4th person

josh/xmas KEVIN

paul either you or josh win hoh .. and if we clip alex him and kevin will team up adn jason will be like he's free and goes nuts.. if we take out jason.. alex will get closer to josh.. paul i cant do this on my own.. especially if she lost jason..

paul we have to tell kevin not to take an apple

xmas it has to be you.. cuz he wont think i know what im talking about

paul i dont tell kevin shit.. i said i see what you see.. now shut the fuck up and sleep in a corner..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 07:45 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Xmas im going to say that we had a conversation at the beginning of the game and nw yo are talking bout yoru core values.. i haven't seen your core values.. and dont say to me wehat you are going to do and then not do it.. xmas you are right.. youa re real about something.. you're a real counterfeit son of a bitch.. so whats 2 votes against me in jury.. why not make it 3..

xmas's jason eviction speech..

Raven if i win veto im going to swing it iin his face.. this is what you did to me.. does it feel good no.. im going to use the veto on myself

matt you should say that you want to go to jury..

xmas when you go into a room you sweep that son of a bitch that bitch hides in all the cabinets.. and hides in the money room.. do not jump the gun with conversations .. secure the room!

xmas she is going to get paranoid cuz they are all sleeping in different rooms and we are sleeping in one room

Xmas there's a reason why hamsters kill their children

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 07:48 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Raven she asked me how i stay in shape

raven i know how to lose weight.. ive been doing this for 20 years

matt keep cooking for her

xmas she eats like a bird but eats constantly

matt i would gain weight if i ate like she does.. it's incredible that she looks like that .. with the way she eats

raven she gained at least 10 lbs

raven she was working out all that time cuz of Cody..

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 08:05 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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Raven said she pee'd on herself.. and claims all her clothes are packed.

** Edit** matt threw water on her**

UgotBronx 08-30-2017 08:09 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17
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jason talking gave paul and josh a preview of how he auctions

jason did the teeter totter with his thing

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