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UgotBronx 08-24-2016 06:04 am

Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
Paulie evicted 5-0

Paulie did NOT have the Return Ticket and is heading to jury

County Fair BY Party for HG with Ziggy Marley, Jessie Godderz and prizes

Paul won $500

Victor won $500

James won .25

Natalie won .25

Michelle won .25

Nicole won $7.50

Victor won a TV package from the dunk tank with Jessie Godderz Mr. Pectacular

Michelle won a 30 second advantage for the HOH comp

HG's will learn Jury members will compete for a spot to come back into the house

Natalie won HOH Black Box

Michelle received America's Care package - Co HOH gets to Nom 1 and the replacement

James, Victor,Michelle exempt are Have Nots. Additional HN food is assorted pies

Natalie Nominated Victor, Michelle nominated Paul

POV Players Natalie Michelle Paul Victor James Corey

Paul won POV

*America's Care Package voting will NOT start till Thursday after Eviction when we find out which Jury member returns

Paul used the Veto on himself

Michelle named Corey as the replacement nominee

Victor and Corey are on the block and up for eviction

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 06:07 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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hg's :zzz:

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 07:48 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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paul awake.. giving assessments of the HG's

was picked on as a child. and coming out of the closet at an early age. gave him some sort of confidence and put up a wall too .. but i think being made fun of he built a high wall. non humble.. self centered . ego driven.. he thought he was god's gift to the world.always talked aobut how he is better than everyone.. this is my opinion.. dont shit on me.. this is just living with him.. he cant put together entire sentences.. he was masculine but it brought out his feminine side more .. there's an interesting mix on when he would turn on his macho chaco, and then his feminine side.. you would have to meet his certain something.. for him to give you the time of day if you were a nobody he wouldnt give you the time of day.. very narcissistic and egotistical.. thought he was better than everyone which he wasnt

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 07:56 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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paul shitty assessments about 16 hg? ok what about me

Paul im different outside the house.. im a hipster like philosophy .. im inteligent but.. not that smart.. but if i sat down and conversed with these people i would look like Einstein

paul most of these people are just opinionated.. and they cant have a conversation.. your opinion doesnt hold weight went talking bout certain matters.. they cant take themselves out of the equation when talking bout certain things.. .. this is what i studied.. but whatever. it's too early to be getting too deep..

paul i like to see im mature for my age. but that's hard to see in this house.. i make jokes.. but you gotta see with these people in the house. i ahve to come down to their level. if i sit down and talk to them.

paul michelle called me an atheist.. i talked to her aobut philosophy and the world and she called me an atheist.. and she doesnt even know what that is.. i dont beleive in any religion..

paul i also do a lot of charity work with the homeless.. shout out to.. and fishies

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 08:23 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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backpost: feeds 1/2 7:14 am

paul everyone in this house is a fucking pig. they drop chicken juice on the floor and they jsut wipe it,. and the bathroom is disgusting. they walk barefoot everywhere.. and then get into the bed and sleep with their dirty ass feet.. they'll put their feet on their pillows.. then their face on their pillows.. michelle is top contender for the dirtiest feet .

victor is pretty cleanly.. people in this house think he's too cleanly like a mom.. but that's not bad.. there are a lot of people in this house that think they are bad assses.. and they dont like to be told what to do.. so victor is a lone wolf in the cleaning of the house.. i do my own stuff. clean after myself

7:19 james is super annoying. likesd to prank people left and right . puts vaseline on every door handle.. and it's super annoying.. he goes overboard with them.. he think's it's funny but it's nto..

natalie alos annoying.. cant wait to jsut let people know.. when i get out of this house to let them know how i really feel about them.. natalie like to talk to america all the time like she's got a one way line to america.. she likes to pat herself on the back.. and how she made it on her own and need equality in this world.. she's constantly patting herslf on the pback.. honestly if you have to constaNTLY TALK ABOUT YOURSELF O TELL PEOPLE HOW GOOD YOU ARE YOU PROBABLY ARENT A GOOD PERSON.. she;s constantly patting herself on the back.. and making herself a victim

corey isn't too bad.. minds his own business. keeps to himself. isnt loud.. and eats peanut butter and jelly all day.. he minds his own business. very chill.. laid back.. cleanly.. doesnt do anything.. if you want an active roommate it's nto corey. i forget that's he's here

: she''s very cool.. uppity.. high energy.. if you are not annoyed by her vocie she;s ok to live with. she reminds me of a little chickling just hatched. looks at herself a lot in the mirror. walks around barefoot a lot..

paul the worst to live with is Michelle.. she's a lost cause. throws tantrums, screams.. throws things at me.. stubborn. dirty.. ignorant.. cires all the time.. she's the worst to live with..

james is the 2nd worst to live with.. pranks.. dirty.. leaves things.. that dont make sense..

paulie is easy to live with.. he has OCD.. constantly moving things to make them perfect.. other than that laid back.. easy to live with cleanly. chill..

.. im loud as fuck.. im easy to live with.. i wont prank you.. if you dont want to talk to me i wont talk to you. if you want to get crazy. i'll get crazy..

Bridgette was easy to live with.. you'd get fat as fuck cuz she;s constantly baking.. .. doesnt like authority.. stubborn. and very hard headed. she's cool to live with

. easy to live with.. you dont know she';s there. makes pretty good food.. she keeps to herself.. but she hates everybody. she's like a little widow.. comes out gets her food and goes back to her hole.. she's very catty.. i wouldnt want to be a female around zakiyah..

Davonne.. i think she is cool to live with.. well ahh it;'s depends.. she;s got all this hair.. and it;'s all over the place.. it's all fake hair.. everywhere.. alot of baby powder.. which isnt bad.. if you like that.. she'd mind her own. read her bible. funny.. doesnt bother anyone..

Frank farts a lot A LOT of farting.. funny guys.. easy going.. laid back. chilled.. but he farts alot.. clean.. not too bad.. jsut a lot of farting

Bronte: i dont even remember what she was like,.. she was cool.. a little sassy .. too sassy for my liking.. constantly trying to one up you or zing you.. but it got old.. and constantly belittle you. or feel belittled next to her.. some sort of competition. it got annoying.. but sweet girl.. some sort of sass.. i dont know where it came from.. cleanly.. ..

OH GOD!! I would never live with tiffany.. inteligent.. very inteligent.. i'll give her that.. a little bit annoying.. i think the house made her weird.. i'll give her that.. i think she's someone i could have had a conversation with in the house.. most tangible converse person in the house. i think she went a little crazy being confined in the house.. she had the most substance.. .. so alot of paranoid.. but very inteligent.. i'll give her that'

speaking of intelligent.. natalie likes to think she is inteligent but she is not. lots of patting on the back.. and self serving.. there is no humility in her .. she likes to think she is.. but she doesnt. if cameras were off.. she would leave open statement that will fuel her own ego..

.. i knew him for 28hrs.. he seemed cooled.. he's a grown ass man.. i cant imagine.. he was estranged.. he made really good food.. very nice guys.. very humble.. inteligent.. life experiences.. made him a likable guy

Jozea see previous post

Enb back post

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 08:29 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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paul my sister is the golden child. i went to a private armenian school. i wanted to be a lawyer .. i did alot of work in the courts and parliament.. and i think that it's a huge commitment to be a lawyer.. but traveling changed my life for the better.. it made me realize that being rich is not success.

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 08:31 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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As always, I'll try my best to bring you all that I can that's going on inside the house :casey:

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UgotBronx 08-24-2016 08:42 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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paul just poured coffee, then added chocolate milk then powdered creamer then brown sugar. :eek:

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 08:51 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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paul im onto everyone's strategy.. natalie and james.. are playing the same game. as the other showmances even though they say theya re not a showmance ..they claim to respect one another's decision but yet never made a separate decision. you do things together. and thought process is the same.. as all showmances.. and i'll play along but the minute i get tot shoot at you i will.. and natalie you talk too much..

natalie jsut talks and says way too much.. and pray i don't get hoh cuz what i have to say wont be nice

corey and nicole playing a good game..

michelle no respect for her.. she will float to the top 3.. and i hope i am there too so i can NOT pick her. i dont think she deserves that spot.. she likes to berate other people and picks on other people.. and she shells out the most disrespect on people.. and does things with no repercussions.. and she cries.. and throws tantrums..a nd cries.. and i cant deal with that anymore..

i installed a filter in myself to not call peole out on their bullshit.. but that's worn off. in real life i would call people out.. and i think that in real world they might not be erratic.. but im going to give everyone some benifit of doubt. but there are some behavioural rtendiciens.. that you can do and it's probably the same outside as inside the house and if that is teh case. i will will tell them to fuck off.

and if victor stays int eh house he and i will be F3.. and if not.. i dont know.. i cant see anyone taking me to teh F3..

i ahve to get rid of james and corey for the girls to bring me to F3,, but if you guys hook me up with a care package.. then that will be good if not .. then im fucked..

i hope my clothing company is doing well. i worked really hard on it. it's like my baby.. it's 1 year since i ahd it .. and i cant celebrate it with my friends thawt made it what it is today. shout to to my illustrator Daniel and fishies

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 09:16 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
over 10 mins of fishes

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 09:38 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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feeds back to sleeping HG's ..not sure if paul went to DR or back to bed :shrug:

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 10:17 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
in and out fishies due to paul talking about his family

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 10:18 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
be back in a bit

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 11:54 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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paul is still talking to the live feeders :deadhorse:

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 12:14 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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all other HG's sleeping

Paul i dont do Facebook.. give that up. dont bother i wont answer.. i dont do twitter. i do instagram.. i wont be your penpal if you email me

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 01:31 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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corey nicole finally out of bed talking to paul

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 02:21 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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Natalie and michelle still sleeping in HOH

Nicole corey paul at the kitchen table general chatter.. nicole talking about frankie and how smart he was. 3 majors and a fit..

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 02:23 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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Nicole i dont know why i was brought back.. i couldnt even watch myself im so boring

Nicole best DR?

paul i shout

Nicole maybe Davonne.. yeah..

Corey i think michelle

Nicole what aobut bridgette's DR?

paul i called her BS out the 1st day

Nicole josea hilarious but he had to go

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 02:37 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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paul paulie boned zakiyah A LOT

corey really?

Paul yeah he said it a lot.. like 4 or 5 times

Nicole where how when

paul yeah that's what i wanted to know.. day bed and bumper car

Paul i cant even fit in the bumper car..

BB paul to DR

Corey looks awkwardly at nicole :eek:

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 02:38 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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corey going to lay down

natalie your make up looks amazing as always

natalie you shoulda came up it was really funny james and vic were up there late

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 02:52 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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Nicole and corey jedi training

vic and james finally awake and in kitchen

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 03:22 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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vic and james are waiting on pie

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 03:33 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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corey you better leave me one heck of a GB message

nicole corey!!!

corey no.. you've been a good friend..

vic doing telemundo with paul

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 03:56 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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natalie done in shower

vic joins nicole paul and james

corey wants pasta..

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 06:02 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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Nicole waiting for corey

james and natalie playing word games

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 06:28 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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natalie things james put salt in natalie's water

BB Michelle to DR

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 06:47 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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james they do not want paul tyo get to the end.. and paul said he doesnt want them at the end either

michelle have you heard anything today? just him being buddy buddy

james yeah.. he;'s going around.. but he's paranoid.. he knows vic is going home so he's buddy buddy with corey/nicole

michelle why not us

james cuz we** put him up.

James and paul thinks that she controls my vote and i control natalies..

natalie yeah no that's not it..

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 06:52 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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paul they said they were manipulated when i confronted them.. but they said that it was a mistake and when i won veto.. they decided to backdoor corey

paul michelle was pushing for you nicole

paul i asked michelle why she put me up and she said natalie told me to. and that natalie ws telling her things that i did .. and stuff about Davonne.. .. so when i went up there they were laughing and saying corey corey corey.. and something is happening..

paul so what i think is they used me to get out paulie along with victoir.. and james told me he was going to block my vote.. so like what was i going to do.. shit all over those 5 people..

paul i get off the block and it was a mistake but before it ws a FU paul.. im not an idiot.. and keep talking to victor that everything is fine

paul there is no way that is going to happen.. she is saying that james is going to keep victor.. and vic knows that this is all bullshit..

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 06:53 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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pasul so next week is going to be crazy,.. if i get care package or you get it. i want to work with yo.. all that has happened to me is lied to . put on the block..

UgotBronx 08-24-2016 07:28 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/24/16
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corey we're ina good spot we can make deals

nicole i know.. i think we're in trouble

nicole if you leave im going to win this game and go so HAM

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