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UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:01 pm

Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Tyler HOH

Tyler nominated Sam and Steve to be on the block

Faysal received Crap App for least trending

Sam received Power App for a Bonus Life to be used w/in 4 weeks for most trending

POV results

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:07 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Day 9

tyler: my hoh going smooth didn't get too much blood on my hands and then BB dropped the gnarly ass twist.. i just hope it doesn't mess up my hoh

Sam DR: this past week was really rough.. and now i get this power ap and i get a chance to come back.. and i think i should play it close to my sleeve and use it to my advantage

Faysal: DR what is going on? im the least trending person in the house? c'mon

haleigh: i hope that no one on the other side got the power ap cuz it will hurt us

steve: i didnt win the power ap so i have to go old school adn won that veto

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:09 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Sam to tyler

tyler : i need y8ou to stay here

Sam: i know

Sam DR: i want to tell tyler about my power cuz he and i can work with each other..

Sam: to tyler: I have a thing

tyler: is it a thing? or a thing thing?

Sam: listen im not going anywhere if i get evicted.

tyler DR i think that sam is telling me she has the power

Sam: i dont want to go home.

Sam: I dont want to tell you all about it i dont want you to have to keep that secret for me

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:11 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Chris to tyler:

Chris : listen if someone comes off the block there is only one person to put up and that is angela

Tyller: Dr Swaggy, im HOH and you are trying to tell me what to do. Steve is my target and if i want to get crazy i could always put up bayleigh

tyler: i'll put up bayleigh

Chris: no she will go crazy

tyler : it will just be a pawn

Chris L: yeah you cant put her u-p

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:13 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Faysal gets his hamazon punishment

Faysal: ever time they deliver i have to eat all of it

Faysal: DR since im muslim it's vegan ham but it's 40 pieces of meat. since this is a large delivery it's taking me hours to eat

Faysal: gets another deliver as soon as that 1st one as over

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:15 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Chris: bayleigh is my girl in the game and now that tyler is thinking about putting her up i gotta tell her.. but i gotta do it

bayleigh: what the fffff? it's out of your control. what can you do

bayleigh: i feel like i was betrayed and i feel like i got hit by a train. he didnt co,me here for a showmacne. he can look at me at any moment and say im a risk and be done with me

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:20 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Chris im sorry

Bay: for what/z for being yourself?

Chris : for telling you

bayleigh crying

** Sorry, i cant post pictures the forum is experiencing technical issues and it should be fixed shortly**

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:23 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
bayleigh up to tyler in HOH

bay: what did i do to deserve to go up

tyler: looks like swaggy's damage control didnt work. now i have to calm her down

tyler: I just need you to be a pawn. you are the safest bet to stay

bay: i dont want to be the safest bet. you are throwing me under the bus. and how come angela hasn't been an option for you..

tyler: they are telling me she has some kinda power

bay: so you aren't going to call her out

tyler: DR I know sam has the power but i can pretend to say whoever i want has it..

bayleigh: DR Screw you tyler. you're a liar and your words mean nothing in this house!

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:28 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
POV player pic

bayligh DR i hope i get picked this way i can play and win and keep myself safe.

Tyler gets HG choice he pics Chris,

tyler I picked swaggy cuz i know he will keep noms the sam

Sam I can only trust myself sam Picks Scottie,

Scottie steve is my closest ally in this game i have to win or he does

Steve HG choice Picks faysal

Steve. i picked fessy to play for me he';s a beat maybe he will win and take me off.

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:31 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
tyler to steve

tyler: worst case sam wins the pov

Steve: yeah that is worst

tyler: Dr im telling steve he is safe this way he can feel comfortable and wont go so hard in the veto

Steve we need to get that power out.. it's gotta be angela..

Steve: who is next u if someone comes down

tyler: she dosnt want to be here, no matter what sam is going to go home. i know that for a fact.

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:43 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Veto players Tyler Sam Steve Scottie Swaggy and Faysal JC hostin

POV VimeBro Studio's

5 stages of the competition. last player is knocked out in each heat. last one left wins POV

1)BB Jungle find 3 like items hidden in a Snake bite pit

Chris im not doing this shit

Scottie: there are snakes. there have never been on snakes on BB

tyler: this is the worst fear in my life.

JC: on action retrieved light icon and place it in your cone.

Faysal: i dont do snakes but if you get bit you get bit.. it's for veto.

Sam I have the power and it's only a chance i have to win

Steve everyone is telling me im safe but you dont every think that it;'s BB

Sam: im not a mindless snake killer but i love my grammy

Steve Sam both have their cone full

Chris i not putting my hand in there but if i get one then at least i dont ahve zero like scottie

time is running out 5 min clock.

tyler gets his light and moves on

Scottie im ashamed that i couldnt help steve

Stage 2 arctic viral video

plunge to the bottom of the pool and get LIKE and fill your scored board. 10 needed

Chris i learned how to swim before i came on here and now it's time for swaggy to shine

Swaggy i didnt learn how to swim in December

Bayleigh he looks like he is freking

Steve: i dont enjoy ice baths but i have to get my veto. i gotta win this challenge

Faysal and sam are almost done

Chris is out

Stage 3 Human canvas

stand on post move forward when instructed touch the ground you are out.

They are getting hit with paint balls

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:45 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Steve fall off the peg

Steve: my mind doesn't have balance. no one to blame but myself

Sam tyler and faysal move onto stage 4

Stage 4

JC you must transfer balls from your start platform to your scoreboard you will be shocked at predetermined times throughout the competition


UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:54 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Shock collars

tyler it cant get any worse wrong. they are going to shock us.

Sam screams that hurts!!

tytler these shocks hurt man

Sam DR these are awful i cant compare it to anything in my life

faysal: i dont drop balls you can look at the highlight tape and im not about to start now.

tyler i ahve to fight thru it to make it to the final wrong

Faysal and tyler move on Sam is out

Sam: DR i wanted to win the pov byut i couldnt make it passed the shocking collars

tyler and faysal talk

tyler you want this? you are going to keep them the same. right?

Faysal yeah..

Faysal: listen you need to know what to do people on our side are thinking that you aint about it

tyler: oh?

Faysal: and that is the side you need to be on. im telling you.

Faysal: DR im telling tyler i will keep it the same but who knows what i will do

Stage 5 Sloda Set drink the liquid and match it to the top 3 flavors

tyler: Im throwing this comp but im closest to the HG so i have to taste it anyway

Faysal wins veto

Fessy: i won 5 viral veto's

Steve I picke fessy i hope he takes me off the block

tyler if fessy doenst keep his word he will regret it

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:58 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
POV ceremony

Fessy: i don want to pull steve off but i want a bigger target on the block like angela.. i dont want to use it and then bayleh goes up

bayleigh i dont want fessy to use it i dont want o go up im not ready for that

Faysal this the veto meeting

Ding dong Hamazon Delivery!!!

Faysal Sam And steve have been nominated. i have the power. to veto one of them. i have decided not to use the pov

POV meeting is adjorned

UgotBronx 07-04-2018 06:59 pm

Re: Aired Show Wednesday 7/4/18
Steve: im disappointed. no one want to be on teh block. I hope it all works out

bay: fessy came thru didnt use the veto . im here to stay

Sam: it stinks cuz im still on the block. i dont ant to use my power up so im going to have to reach onto my hat and pull out some tricks.

till tomorrow LIVE EVICTION SHOW :wave:

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