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UgotBronx 08-19-2016 03:38 am

Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
Paulie evicted 5-0

Paulie did NOT have the Return Ticket and is heading to jury

America's care package voting CO-HOH

Special Episode Friday 8pm EST/5PM PT

Special Guests will be visiting HG's

HG's will learn Jury members will compete for a spot to come back into the house

Paul had the return ticket

Natalie won HOH

James, Victor are Have Nots ( to start Saturday)

Michelle received America's Care package - Co HOH

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:05 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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Nicole james nat in HOH

nat what do you think about paul

James he was eaves dropping. i was going to clear my throat.. and he woulda been like why are you giving them a heads up

nat he shouldnt ahve been there

nicole he's a smart player and with voc that's a sound duo.. and there is only 7 of us left.. paul will come up immediately and try adn get into every convo

natl. whatever we talk about dopnt talk about it

nicole no im not going to.. i was happy you won

paul up to say g'night

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:09 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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nicole i was cheering for you to not give up and i never did anything for you not to trust me.. and i know you are in a tough spot..

james not me.. it's her HOH..

nicole i know.. im saying if she could protect some one.. i think it's like how corey and I are.. and showmances are a threat to other people.. honestly strategically im not a threat cuz im not coming after you 2.. and i can promise you that.. and i swear on everything.. you guys are all i ahve in the game

nicole and i kow you ahd to get paulie out.. he was getting me depressed with his stories.. and it was sad

natalie im glad i won HOH before i got evicted

james it's hard but even more when yu're down to 7 people .. people gotta go.

natalie i dont understand why paul said that..

james i said taath not every time someone walks into a room theya re talking game.. and he was like i know i know..

natalie i feel he threw the comp

nicole you do?

natalie yeah

nicole i tried..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:11 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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Nicole i would do what ever i can to keep you safe in teh game

natalie ok .. thanks..

nicole leaves

natalie im screwed!

james yeah ..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:17 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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natlie i made a promise to vic/paul to get paulie out.. and then nicole came to me and she really wanted to work with us.. and that was after paulie left.. and they never asked before to work .. and nicole wanted me up as a pawn before.. and i know she is a genuine person.. yes?

james i think she is an emotional person.. like if she said that she wasnt going to come after us.. Victor is connected to paul.. but i feel that he would work with us but paul is the anchor.. he either floats or sinks us..

james when nicole told us that.. when paulie told nicole that paul told paulie that nicole was going to put james up

james it's a bad situation you dont know if it's credible.. he did make a lot of shit up when he was on the block

natalie the fact he was eavesdropping on my convo.. when im working with people i dont do that unless it's personal .. and then i eaves drop on it..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:21 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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corey you know wheere i stand. you keep me and nicole off and protect us.. and you can put those 2 up.. i dont know where youa re with michelle

nat im cool with her

natlie i need the truth

corey paul is a manipulator..

natalie what you tell me don't go anywhere.. i have to make a big decision soon..

corey iof one of them dont go home.. lets say i go.. it'll be vic paul michelle vs james and nicole in the comp next week.. you can do it .. it's risky.. if you keep me james and nicole vs michelle and paul/vic it's easier.. we get them 2 out and its us 4,

corey if we dont get vic this week we're jsut handing him the 500grand.. they got a F3 deal 100%. michelle always says she is the lone wolf and she is attached to those guys..

corey im going after them and nicole is the same way.. and it doesnt make sense not to go after the strongest group..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:23 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
corey if you want to get personal. we can.. i dont like going the route..

natalie that's why he;s so paranoid cuz he's probably talked so much shit about me.

james it will be a big move

corey you gotta get those guys out..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:25 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
corey why not make a big ass move.. .. im cool at going out at any poinbt in the game. if i went out last night i woulda smiled and i dont care.. but i want to go far.. and nicole is 100% loyal.. and you know that.. i never did anything to you.. and i hope you know that..

corey we can do this.. we can cruise to F4.

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:26 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
james.. if paul goes we can take a shot at vic the next week..

corey if you want to tell him corey said this.. go ahead.. he's not going to care.. it doesn't make any sense.. otherwise..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:35 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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natalie i need some dirt on paul can you give me some.. what has he done

corey he's jsut a schemer.. if he got info from downstairs.. he would run up here and give it all to us.. like stick to one side

natalie how does he act with you and nicole

corey im sure he acts like that behind our back.. i know he told vic about asking nicole out.. and ive been bitting my tongue.. i dont want top go before him.. it will; hurt me if i do.. i dont want to leave the house like that.. it's my own personal thing..

natlie is he playing all sides of the house

corey yeah.. and he's good at it.. he's smart and funny.. a part of me wants to see paul go before vic.. but i need vic to go 1st cuz he can win comps and you gotta break up that michelle thing..

vic up game talk ends

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:38 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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natalie heads down with some of her food.

james i'll be going into the ahve not room tonight..

vic yeah

james its down to 7 one will win $500K , one will win $50K and one will win $25k

Corey it seems thee is no buyback.. she ws really specific.. to paulie.. you will not be entering back into the house

james yeah.. if it was it would be today.. and you said the days line up now right?

vic yeah..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:41 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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vic heads to bed..

natalie im so nervous but im excited.. we have to make a big move going forward

james im jsut worried that you ahve to di it.. it's not easy.. especially ya know.. honestly i wish i could take a swing like that.. no one is going to backlash. all the people that are like that left the house

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:44 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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corey im not going to keep you guys longer.. it's my 2 cents.. and if i go up.. i understand.. i dont want to.. but..

natatalie i cant beleive i won that comp

corey taht was a big comp.. it was difficult

naatlie you guys didnt throw it to me?

corey no.. i wanted it

james no

corey now me and james can play next week

natalie i wanted to win .. and i do like nicole.. i know she wanst throwing cookies away.. and she was sweet to bridgette..

corey i was nice to bridgette

natalie yeah she said that you were teh nicest of everyone to her

corey yeah.. but she threw me under the bus and was playing both sides.. and then she popped off to me.. and i was like i dont know why..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:48 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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paul you didnt talk to natalie?

vic she was like oh my ice cream.. and she took it down stairs

paul i think that was your cue to talk to her

vic i'll talk to her tomorrow

vic why cant people jsut stick to a plan

paul i notice after paulie was evicted nicole and pulling james aside.. and in the box james and corey were whispering..a dn shortly after that.. james "fell" i think they made a deal

vic.. hopefully America will see that..

paul they wont see it..

vic if they see were in trouble they will hook us up..

paul if she goes agsint her word i'll be upset.. i wont talk to them all week

vic i wont either.. and if it's a double whammy..

paul it's going to be me and you..

vic hopefully america hooks us up cuz we've been amazing..

paul james and nat were going it's hard.. and im like why are you even talking about it.. you know what the plan is..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:49 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
vic michelle isnt stupid if she see's teh pairs ganged up she'll know she is next.. but they ahve 3 shitty competitor.s.. but we'll see man.. we could be jumping the gun.. but we'll see.. and i told you i didnt want to trust james

paul we didnt ahve a choice


UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:52 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
3 Attachment(s)
vic how crazy would it be if it was an HIGH take over and we put up corey and james up

paul i would put up corey and nicole

vic we'll see what happens.. quack quack..

vic corey and nicole get on my nerves send me a fucking dildo already

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 05:55 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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natalie my target is paul.. i dont trust him

james you might have to talk to vic to kinda tell him..

natalie i can talk to him after h care package.. i want to say he's not the target that paul is..

james say that paul was working both sides of the house

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 06:00 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
james do you want to go big and go texas or go small

natalie i cant put a girl up cuz i made a promise to america i wouldn't put a girl up

james thats it.. you can put one up on each side..

natalie that;s terrible cuz i'll ahve 2 sides coming after me..

james and vic wins veto he will take down paul and you have to put uop me or michelle

natalie to be honest i wanted corey and nicole out.. but you're right.. vic will winb.. he wins every single compo. like today .. he woulda won it..

james vic comes down.. to what he can bank opn. i dont know if he will take paul to f2 he might take michelle or you.. but his argument will be.. i was evicted and back doored week 2,. and i battled back my way into the house and fishies..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 06:12 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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james i think paul knows tht he might go up. he was saying if you put me up i respect you

natalie whatever happens.. i won HOH and it;'s part of BB and my hands will get a little dirty..

natalie what do you think i should do put both of them up?

james do what you heart and gut says and stick to your guns'

natalie you are going to be a have not.. im going to ask nicole up.

james oh victor will hate me..

natalie the care package will help me decide..

natalie if it's a veto im putting that person up

james ooo you can put them up and then they use it on themselves and you can BD someone..

natalie yeah..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 06:15 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
james we ahve 7 people.. and you get to break a tie

natalie it wont be a tei.. corey/nicole/you will be my "house"

james maybe michelle she'd be smart if she did,.

natalie nicole owes me.. we ahd a talk..

james paul and vic are going to tell corey/nicole that we were working with them... lets say we were forced.

natalie i told nicole that we wanted paulie out.. and they wanted paulie out too

nicole these lips are very good at talking

james very smooth

natalie.. i just want to shit on people.. ive been too good of a girl to them

james you've been too good to me.. you're a sweet girl..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 06:42 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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natalie and james :deadhorse: on who to put up

natalie i know it was paul who started teh FT and it ws him and paulie who said it all the time in front of me..

natalie plans as of now, to put up victor and paul but to tell vic he's not her target.

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 07:04 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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Nicole up brushes her teeth.. then runs back to bed with corey

nicole dont call me im not sleeping i promise (she's still a have not )

Nicole dont try and do anything. the live feeds are on

corey what do you mean?

nicole like dont kiss me.. i know you wouldnt

Nicole i have to go.. if they call me i'll be embarrassed..

Nicole ok. that's enough..

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 07:10 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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Nicole and corey making out..

nat and james asleep in HOH

paul and vic in london sleeping

michelle in have not room

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 07:19 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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nicole and corey still at it.. im heading off!

To come

BB America's care package recipient

Natalie's and CO HOH's nomination strategies and nominations

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 09:51 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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Lights are on .. Hg's still sleeping

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 10:38 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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NATALIE in lower bathroom gathering a few of her things to get ready for the day

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 10:46 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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natalie i went into the room and paul asked if i was ok.. and he said that vic came up to talk and i said yeah people came up to talk..

james he's paranoid

natalie how many more times is he going to ask me

james if you want to tell him that you saw him eavesdropping on you and i can back you up and say yeah you were

nata. i can just say i saw him..

james yeah the mirror.. say that you didn't know i saw you.. and when he denies it.. i can say yeah you were.. .. after he got done eavesdropping he said they're jsut talking personal stuff

nat why would he eavesdrop on my conversation..

james yeah i thought it was weird too.

natralie i jsut need rest.. i cant even say the words.. and then see who the care package is.. and if they have veto they will go up.. .. and that's what every HOH has been doing.. i ahve to take into account.. corey/nicole didnt talk to me all season.. and bornte told me that they talked behind my back.. and paul i dont trust at the moment who's eavesdropping on my conversations.. and he wants a F4 with me and nicole/corey wants a F4 with us.. there is alot that goes into it

james yeah when you're in teh middle..

Nat if this HOH gets me evicted next week it is what it is..

james i agree..

BB natalie to the DR

natalie my neck is fucking hurting.. like FUCKING HURTING

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 10:48 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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vic if my picture comes up i will say i knew you.. you couldn't hold up your side of the bargin.. but you still gotta beat me in veto.. and fishies!!

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 11:08 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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Hg's sleeping

UgotBronx 08-19-2016 01:00 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/19/16
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Michelle received BB America Care package Ch- HOH 12:51pm

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