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UgotBronx 11-30-2016 07:45 am

Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
Morgan won Final Comp against Justin End of the Road

Justin evicted

Morgan Jason Kryssie are the Final 3 Hg's

Final pleas to America tonight at 4pm BBT

America's voting open till tomorrow

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 07:47 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
Thank you for visiting Hamsterwatch Forum this 1st season of BBOTT!

There's only 2 days left! :casey:

The Final pleas to America and of course the Finale where the winner of BBOTT will be announced in front of a LIVE AUDIENCE! :cheers:

I have worked hard to bring you the fans, BB Alumni and families all the information that I possibly could this season. I hope you enjoyed the coverage! :imok:

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Thank You :cheers:


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UgotBronx 11-30-2016 11:45 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
2 Attachment(s)
lights are on hg's :zzz:

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 02:28 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
4 Attachment(s)
Jason tio the camera outside

BB Krysie to the DR

jason i kinda want to tell you my speech now america but then i think that you'll be like no one will care..

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 02:29 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
3 Attachment(s)
Jason sorry about my chewing i know y'all hate it. so did danielle shane and justin.. let a bitch eat..

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 02:32 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
jaosn i know taht kryssie is going to say she did this and that.. but could she have done anything if i wasnt winning comps or danielle winning comps..a nd everypone decided early on to take you to the end..

jason and morgan you just happen to be the last one left to your allaince.. you did have more information than anyone.

jaosn i had to win my way into this spot..

jason more than getting laughter and getting brought .. i didnt amke a neew allaince every week cuz i didnt need to.. i made differnt deals and maybe they changed everyweek

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 02:33 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
jaosn.. i had daneille with me doing that massive deal.. and with scott and alex.. and whne i saw i wasnt america's vote.. then by alex and scott the deal was only good for me.. i ahd to play cut throat.. i ahd to get rid of everyone who was coming for me.. and everyone was but the were more capable of getting me out . sorry alex and scott when i got my shot i had to take it

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 02:34 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
3 Attachment(s)
Morgan in SR rehearsing her speech while iron..

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 02:37 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
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Morgan i hope you can look at this with your heart.. and i do deserve to win..

family friends.. i love you guys and thank you for the support.. america i can say i never thought i would be here in a million years.. there's been a lot of ups and downs.. .. the only person i was loyal to was alex.. aside from my alliance

morgan im still sitting here from my alliance ..

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 02:44 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
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kryssie out of DR

kryssie when is this

morgan they said 5

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 02:48 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
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Morgan pacing in the SR practicing her speech again

Morgan i didn't come in as a super fan.. i knew in order for me to survive.. i was going to ahve to do something.. aahhhhh

kryssie in.. can you set that up so iu can go shower

morgan yeah

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 02:52 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
3 Attachment(s)
kryssie is worried about her speech

jason dont be.. peole already got their minds made up..

jason you can say yoru speech out anytime.. cuz if you mess up you can say they can go back and hear it

jason it will be ok.. just think now that it's sooner.. you can relax now

kryssie im not going to spend the whole night crying once it's over

kryssie im jsut realizing that it's real.. and i have 10 mins of material i need to cut down.. and in my DR that is something i wing that i can explain later on.. this is all or nothing

jason i know

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 04:10 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
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Jason and kryssie in tokyo room

kryssie having wardrobe problems

morgan timing her speech by the microwave

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 04:12 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
6 Attachment(s)
Kryssie that's not going to work if i pull that down i'll have a weird muffin top

jason i dont think they will see it

jason im going to get paper towels for my pits before i put my shirt on

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 04:18 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
4 Attachment(s)
kryssie timing her speech

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 04:21 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
1 Attachment(s)
Kryssie's speech

danielle betrayed us.. and we got scott out as the initial target.. and i was able the next week to get with alex and morgan. and then the next week jason got the care package and justin and i made a F2 im getting bits and pieces she's talking low

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 04:36 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
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Kryssie 3:22 pm feeds 3/4

after the 1st 3 weeks i was the 1st in my alliance to win hoh and come close to.. so that they would take me to the end

I had that knowledge in the double eviction

I threw that tie breaker so i wouldnt be the 1st person to ahve 2 HOH and to take the target off my back and put it firmly on danielle and then i flipped danielle to save jsutin at the last minute knowing justin would stay loyal to me.. but i knew he would turn onj her when he found out that he was the back door initially.. I was able to bring him back in and then make a F3 with morgan and shelby for that week on teh condition that danielle would be our target for that week and jason would be safe for one more and that justin would get a care package .. and the fact that h jason and i are here is not coincidences.. he and i made a final 2 deal back on night 2. ride or die .. knowing that no matter what i did knowing that jason would want to be at the end with me

i didnt come here to be afraid of people i came here to play a strategic and smart game and i did. I didnt come here as a smart girl pretending to be a dumb waitress.. so she can appear dub and that is exactly what she did.. cuz the real un apologetic real waitress who wants to be a rock star with the social skills she learned waiting tables for 12 years in a row have helped her get to the very end of this game.

this is why my investment of jason paid off getting me to the final 3 ../ and also the team work behind the scenes and not jsut the individual games would shine that much brighter and hopefully it earned the monetary reward

so america that is why i deserve teh $250 g's .. thank you for making this possible and i luv yu from the bottom of my heart..

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 04:41 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
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kryssie practicing in the SR

jason waiting on the sofa

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 04:51 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
7 Attachment(s)
HG's told to sit on the sofa

morgan does a dab under her pits

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 05:10 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
14 Attachment(s)
Morgan after 64 days in the BB house. it's come down to this america is currently voting.. we will step in the front in the order we won our place jason kryssie then me


thank you for voting for me in the house.. i came in with a massive target.. i ahd to win the veto.. and moving on i created an allaince with alex and scott.. i was proactive.. i didnt let anyone do it for me. when danielle came into power. i was able to persuade her back and forth quuiet a few times to change her target.. really to the target that would most benifit my long term game . now when you america gave me my co - hoh package i knew i had to hijack that week from shelby and i had to get out a stratigist like alex.. so i concoccted a plan to make danielle a bigger target and get her out and it work.. and i ahd to win my finbal HOh to get myself here.

now kryssie has made smart strategic moves in this game but would she have been able to do so if she didnt have me or danielle winning the comps to give her that chance and she did not intermingle with the other alliance really till the tail end of the game

morgan came in here as a twist that means she had more information than anyone else in this game but really never made any power house game changing moves

I am a big brother historian slash super fan.. i have been in these bb streets for decades studying the history fundamentals and the science of this game. i ahve had the steepest road to the top that included quitting smoking and a bruised rib! but i was able to persevere with my skills in lying and persuasion but also maintaining being myself and having fun

I hope you respect this supermarket basement dweller's game and grant me the honor of being the 1st BBOTT winner .. thank you

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 05:30 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
16 Attachment(s)

after spending the 1st 3 weeks nominated i won the 1st hoh of my alliance and built a strong relationship outside of my alliance with whitney that when she was scorned by her alliance in week 5 she confided the best piece of information that could use for many strategy..

he r alliance was in fact attacking me they were trying to establish me and a perpetual pawn so they can take me to the end and be easy to beat

i went into the DE knowing that i couldnt disappoint my public so i elected to throw the tie breaker as much as it grossed me out so i wouldnt be the 1st person in the house wiot end up with 2 HOH

the target that woulda landed on my back landed firmly on danielle's. later that night i was able to flip danielle to save justin in the double knowing full well taht he would stay 100% loyal to me.. but he would turn on dfanielle aas soon as someone (points to herself) lets him know that he was infact her initial target and he had to be fought for

his predictability paid off for me when he had established a working alliance with shelby and morgan and i piggy backed my way onto it with a final 3 alliance with those lovely ladies under the condition taht danielle would be our target that week and jason would be back burnered for another week

saving jason with my care package in week 2 and back burning him in week 7 are not coincidences they are strategy .

I made a final 2 alliance with jason on night 2 taht i knew was risky that i knew i would be riding or dying with that no one else wanted to touch with a 10 foot pole in this game it might pay off or might get me sent out of here but i didnt come here to be afraid of an end game threat .. i came here to play a smart loyal and strategic game ..that maybe had me fly under the radar sometimes but i had to make moves when i had to make them .. and my investment in jason paid off getting me standing here right now

I didnt come here as the smart girl who pretended to be a waitress so she could look dumb and unsuccessful. I came here and the 100% unapologetic real life waitress who maybe i did quit college to be a rock star. but i learned so much in my service for 12 years in the service industry and those people skilled that i honed that whole time are what carried me here to the end with people that knew they could trust me.

I also learned that team work behind the scenes will always make your individual performance will make your performance look better

so now the game is over america .. and all the tabs are closed out and all that is left is for you guys to fill out the tip line and if you feel so inclined to put down $250g's on my tip line they're gonna have to invent a new word for how hard im going to ugly cry

Thank you for being involved every single week with the care packages and haivng a sense of humor and for voting and for keeping all of us alive.. i love and cherish every last one of you from the bottom of my butt cuz it's 8 times bigger than my heart

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 05:40 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
14 Attachment(s)

Ok i dont know how im going to follow those cuz im a terrible speech giver

i never thought i would be here ther were so many ups and downs and i can say that i never let this game break my spirit . im the only person left standing in my alliance and on my side of the house . im the only americva's nominee who survived and is here right now . i hope those points prove to you that im a fighter and i deserve this $250,000

all of us have played very different games but i think i can say i played a great social game . i embraced the role of being a non threat i knew it would take me far in this game and i showed that when my back is against the wall i can win competitions to get me further in this game..

I did have a twist i did have to play with a sister and that was stressful try playing this game with a sibling in the game . i knew week one that i wasnt going to be the biggest super fan or strategist and i knew i wasnt going to be the biggest personality so i embraced the non threat role and it kinda stuck and to say that i knew it would work and i knew that being likable would take me far in this game

there was a house division but i worked very hard with the house to make sure taht i was well liked and i made sure week to week taht every person in my alliance was a bigger threat than me. and yes they did all go home before me but this is why im at the end

when numbers dwindled i showed that i could win my way to where i am right now., i won the HOH that got me to the final 4 and won the head to head challenge that got me here to the final 3 and that shows that i didnt have to piggyback off of anyone esle and i won my place here fair and square.

I hope america you see that i did work so hard to get here and i might be the underdog but i fought my way her.. and i might not have made big game moves but i knew what to do to get to this point

so a vote for me would mean the absolute world to me and a vote for me will not only mean a vote for myself but for every single one of my alliance members that went out that door before me . for alex shelby whitney scott even monte . ya know im still here the only one fighting because of them

so it would mean the world to me and for the last time ever.. Bikini girl OUT

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 05:50 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
6 Attachment(s)
jason great speeches everyone

jason im going to take the napkins out of of arm pits

kryssie thanks for talking shit aobut us asshole

jason i ahd to say and fishies..

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 05:54 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
1 Attachment(s)
Morgan im happy that is over

jason all our speeches were good. i like your waitress metaphor

kryssie it pissed me off that i found out shelby was the most educated out of all of us.. jsut cuz i quit med school doesnt mean i couldn't finish it.

jason i knew you weren't going to let that go

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 05:56 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
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jason god i hope my speech was good

kryssie i forgot to say to the band im coming home take off yoru socks

jason yeah i ahd no time

jason i live DR'd it i didnt take a breath

kryssie yeah me too

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 06:00 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
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kryssie justin was saying that i should take him and be afraid of taking morgan cuz all her alliance members would be voting for her and all the votes would be split among us..

jason he was so wishy washy with me the whole time'

kryssie he told me that he didnt want anything to do with you at the end starting at week 5.. so i spent that time telling him.. i kept telling him that it was both of us to keep him.. but then after thanksgiving.. i blew up at him..

jason yeah i wanted him out

morgan.. i wonder how he is going to be .. like i can see him being like send me home

jason yeah people are like how dare you.. like youa re being here after we did for you.. like jeff from my season didnt want to be here for finale.. he was doing dsomething for finale he fleew in and flew right out..

UgotBronx 11-30-2016 07:00 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16
7 Attachment(s)
Morgan and kryssie trying to decide what to eat

jason eating chocolate and snacks

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