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UgotBronx 07-08-2018 04:39 pm

Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
Kaitlyn won HOH

Nominations, BB Store App

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:06 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
Day 16

kaitlyn I flipped on my allaince, last minute chaned my allaince and evict4d steve and i see HOH

Chris that was not the plan. someone from my alaince is a rat. so im pissed

tyler: omg nothing can be more perfect.. my target is out of the house and i got no blood on my hands.. and now my girl kaitlyn is hoh i have to make sure her plans are to get someone else out on swaggy's side

sam : im going to make the most of it

brett: did you see their faces?

Winston: it was the 1st think i looked at.. was their faces

winston: she voted right after me and in the hall she asked what she should dio and i said vote to evict steve

Chris who flipped..

tyler to chris: i think the power as used

chris: no she woulda said that it was used

tyler i have to make sure they think it was the power i need to make sure she isnt a target

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:09 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
Winston walks into the Sr saying cool meeting dudes

Chris WHAT? WHAT MAN? I cant talk to tyler?

Winston: yeah you can

winston leaves the Sr

Chris DR I always knew that winston was a bitch he says something and when you clap back he walks off .

bayleigh to Chris: don't start any drama

Chris to fessy: who flipped

Fessy: who would flipped?

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:11 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
kaitlyn im so glad that i found out my alliance isnt with me

tyler tells kaitlyn that her alliance doesn't trust her 5 hrs before eviction

kaitlyn tells angie and haleigh they are not an option

kaitlyn: DR i dont know what im doing this week. i have 2 sides and im going to see who has my back and pick them out and then do some damage

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:15 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
Swaggy: im the best dressed guy in the house she is the best looking swaleigh is about to be trending and about to be real.

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:17 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
angie haleigh fessy bay;leigh kaitlyn

angie what are you going to do

kaitlyn: i was thinking winston

Fessy: pleas please

angie: yah and maybe angela?

kaitlyn DR from now on i have to play my own game

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:21 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
tyler to sam here's who voted for you.. bay, chris, hal, fessy, angie.. and kaitlyn flipped and i got he to vote for you

sam: i love you

tyler: im so glad you are here i love you

sam: i love you too

tyler Dr swaggy is the leader of that side for my game i need swaggy to go. i have to influence her without influencing her

kaitlyn: i am going to play it safe this week unless you tell me about the power

tyler: OK i can clear things up..

kaitlyn Ok

tyler: you can make a big ass move

kaitlyn Can i put up winston and angela

tyler DR i need to not have my alliance up.

tyler to kaitlyn: do you want to get swaggy out.. ? do you want to make a big move

kaitlyn: yeah.. lets do that

tyler: are you sure?

kaitlyn: yeah why not

tyler DR we'll see how this goes

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:30 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
kaitlyn to herself in HOH this is what my intuition is telling me to do and it wont be nice if i ignore it

kait to sam. how are you feeling

Sam: im grateful that you kept me and i want to let you know that i have the power.

kait: i can intuitively feel what it was you don't have to tell me

kaitlyn: im going to back door swaggy but im not telling anyone else

kait to winston: im putting you up

winston DR if me going on the block sends swaggy home.. lets do it

kait: DR I have to be careful on who i say what do and track of my lies.. or my game can blow up in my face

Scottie: I dont want to be a pawn. put up 2 people from the other side. this is dumb it doesnt make sense

kait: Dr I deserve a daytime emmy

kait to chris: im considering putting up winston and scottie scottie is the pawn..

Chris OK does winston kow

kait: no

Chris DR it's perfect that winston is going on the block since he's a target of mine..

kaitlyn : is winston a target of mine.. yes but not right now.. If im such a cannonball swaggy, karma is coming around swaggy and you better watch out

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:34 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
hamazon delivery for Fessy

fessy DR ahh man. not another one.. this week has been rough too much ham too much ham.!Where do you even get a ham log from

Faysal your hamazon has been completed your friends at hamazon

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:38 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
BB App Store

Winston Access Denied

JC Access Denied

hal Access Denied

kaycee Access Denied

bayleigh Access Denied

Rachel walking to the BB app store im feeling confident and whatever it is can help me in the game

rachael access granted.. You are the least trending HG

rachel they got this wrong. i have a big heart and an over all great person.

Rachel choses YELL someone will yell and give you feed back about you and your game

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:40 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
rachel my biggest fear is /was how i would be perceived.. so im scared that im being perceived in a bad way and i feel that im being judged and that has happened to me all my life.

kaitlyn Access Denied

Brett Access Denied

Sam just has to go in there

Angie Access Denied

Swaggy I should have gotten the power the 1st time no one is g-bigger than swaggy C Access Denied What more do i gotta do. i checked winston's ass yesterday's dna gave you the 1st showmance of the summer

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:42 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
Tyler ACCESS GRANTED you are the most trending HG

tyler WHAT!!!

Tyler Im going to pick the cloud..
The cloud keep yourself from going on the block for one nomination or veto meeting.. if you are worried you could be nominated sit in the cloud and you can not be put on the block
you have a 2 month subscription to the cloud. so for the next 8 weeks you may chose one time in which to use the Cloud to keep yourself safe !

tyler America I love nyou right now Im losing my minds

Angela Access Denied

Scottie Access Denied

The BB App store is closed and the Power is now in play

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:44 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
Chris I put my hand theranda i got nothing

fessy yeah me either

scottie.. i got nothing either and she is putting me up as a pawn.. pawns go home

chris like steve

scottie why is she putting up rachel or anelan

Chris this is stupid we have to change her mind.

Fessy you have to talk to her and tell her you dont want to be pawn. you want me to help you out?

Scottie yeah

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:51 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
tyler; this is great sam ha s a power and i have a power. and im not telling anyone and im working with sam. this game couldn't get any better

Kaitlyn to scottie.. you're not going home. trust me..

scottie ok..

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:52 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
kaitlyn to fessy who has the power scottie or swaggy

fessy if scottie had it he would not tell you.. you think he has it

kaitlyn i have my senses and sorcery..

kaitlyn DR noms are coming up fast im worried that this power can affect my HOH

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 05:54 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18
Fessy Scottie is a number to vote again winston why put him on the block

fessy why not put someone else up

kaitlyn I dont want to.. no matter what happens its for the highest good.

fessy what does that mean

kaitlyn im doing what is best for our game

fessy i have no idea what she is trying to say and that makes me second guess what she has up her sleeve

UgotBronx 07-08-2018 06:04 pm

Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/8/18

Kaitlyn nominates Scottie and Winston

kaitlyn Scottie i love you to death but you made it clear that when your buddy was on the block you made it clear that you used the veto and that was selfish cuz 5 other people coulda been put on the block

Winston I don't think you are playing an authentic game at all you are on the block have a good one

Scottie this doesn't make sense.. I do not trust kaitlyn. I feel that she is going to fatten me up and then im going to get fouled

Winston week 2 im on the block not the plan i had coming in here. there is no way i feel good about being on the block especially after going out on a limb for someone who isnt even in your alliance im going to win the veto and pull myself off the block cuz im not going home this week

Swaggy it's good that she is going after winston but putting up scottie is not the way to go.. if scottie stays on the block you are risking him going home. IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT

kaitlyn:l I nominated scottie and winston they're really easy pawns for me to throw up there. but im going to back door swaggy he's been walking around this house like he runs everything. im so over it. i so over act and so over the ego namaste swaggy it's been a pleasure.

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