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UgotBronx 09-20-2017 10:33 am

Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
Who will win Part 3 of HOH and who will be the Final 2? :casey:

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:20 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Julie welcome to the live season finale of Big brother Xmas josh and paul it's every man and woman for themselves as they head to the final and crown the winner.. who will walk out they house 1/2 million dollar richer.

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:22 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Xmas i need to win this hoh not only to prove i am a competitor but to secure my spot in the end

josh all along i was thinking i was going to take xmas but the other night paul said soemthing to me that made sense

Josh im not sold yet i have to make my own decision and i need to win this hoh

paul i had people throwing comps all season long even i have thrown some but i need to win

Xmas i havent used my foot as an excuse all summer long i hav eto suck it up

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:25 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Josh i wanted to secure my spot in the 3rd HOH comp. sucks out in 40 mins

paul xmas ios locked in i ahve to hold on

xmas my body is aching my hands are numb.. if the tail keeps growing and putting slack to the rope it makes it difficult to hold on

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:26 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Xmas son the edge..

paul im in shock i worked hard this season.. im only 1 comp way from F2

Xmas i fall and it's probably one of the hardest calls ive taken in my life..

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:27 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Paul wins part of HOH

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:32 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Xmas and Josh face of in part 2 HOH Knock em down

Knock down with launching device, answer scrolls and reset till you get them right in the fasted time

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:34 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Xmas i have to stand up cody and jess before i buzz in..

scroll 1 done

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:37 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Onto the 3rd round

Xmas is breaking down cuz she cant finish the 3rd round

Xmas my heart is at a loss for how i did.. i hope i did a little better than josh and move on to that final part of HOH

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:38 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Josh i have to win this

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:42 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Josh josh buzzes in wrong im getting nervous cuz i know the clock is ticking

Josh finally i finished question 3 and i dont feel that good aobut it. i hope i did good enough time to beat her score

xmas 1:39 mins

josh 1:32mins

Josh wins part 2 HOH

Xmas im disappointed with my performance i wanted to win this compo with out someone taking me

josh wow. i can see the $500,000 check

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:43 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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paul i did it i secured a spot in the F2.. I know the jury doesnt like me but i know they DONT like josh.. i think i can win this thing

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:45 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Xmas i really sucked in that comp.. i dont know if anyone would ahve done this with a broken foot. i would ahve love to win this my mom had breast cancer.. and i would love to buy her a house. who doesnt want to buy their mom a house!

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:45 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Josh hello familia!! I made it to part 3.. I dont know who im going to take

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:51 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Jury Segment

DR Will Round table

Dr will who do you think the next one in is

Cody Kevin

Alex i hope xmas if i could break her other foot i would

Kevin enters the jury house

Kevin tells them he was blindsides

alex why are you not mad at paul?

keivn im not like that

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 05:59 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Will do you think that josh can win cody?

Cody i think both josha dn paul are scum but josh took action when paul hid behind everyone

will what about xmas does she deserve to win

kevi no i dont think so she didnt do anything

cody no i dont think so

alex she weanted someone to take her for her body

Will why should paul win the game

ekvin he's a vet. manipulated everyone here..

matt paul made it to f3 with out going on the block

cody he was given safety for 3 weeks

will there were many weeks where you could ahve take paul out..

mark he wanted everone o do the diryt work..

will thee iare dous here that would have been in a f3 with paul

elena yeha

ekvin paul told me he was taking me

jason you knw how many times he said youw ere countierfit

kevin well im here

mark poor jury management

alex he's making personal attacks..

elena he made it hurtful

jason he over lied

will put up your hand if you lied and backstabbed

alex uyo didnt hold up your hand?

alex no..

will is fake crying lying?

elean did y8ou fake cry?

alex yeah to kevin

raven are we playing big baby.. yes we are all salty but xmas josh ae thee with paul.. he played a good game..

matt he tricked me too. no one is going to tell me paul played a worse game than josh/xmas

elena i see how paul made it to F3. they re there cuz they re non threats

will i gotta say you guys are sore losers..

Jason im absolutely a sore loser

will thank you for your honest

mark what did paul do he hid behind people.

Will you guys ahve to ask questions.. make sure you make them count

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:00 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Up next Part 3 of Final HOH

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:10 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Part 3 HOH - Scales of Just Us

Julie i will read the beginning of each statement from the juror i will give yo a choice of 2 endings. the answer will be A or B.

1) Cody said my fav. moment was A) winning battle back B meeting jess

Winning battle back A

Paul point

2) Elena said biggest regret was A not standing up for mark more b letting a showmance ruin my game - A

Josh point

tie score

3) Mark said the moment that irritated me the most a having to win each week ob when the house harassed and bullied

both right
jss and cody

4)Matt said the best thing about being in the house A all the free cereal B raven's cooking

Raven's cooking

Josh leads 3-2

5) jaosn said my most embarrassing moment was A letting xmas ride on my back and breaking her foot. or B not defending myself n an argument with matt

6) rven the most nasty thing in the house A the kitchen or B Cody

A gross kitchen

both wrong

7) Alex said the HG that made the worst game decisions A Me B jess

B Jessica

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:11 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Josh wins 4-2!!

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:19 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Josh must chose to evict Paul or Xmas

Paul josh buddy you shook my hadn day one i think i had your back when i needed to and i hope you can keep me safe in this moment

xmas i dont kwo what to say paul you;re friendship paul i jsut want to say thank you and im walking out of her that i didnt expect to gain a nd an experience i can never live again and i love you very much

Julie Josh you are guaranteed at Least 2nd place.. but you ahve a big decision on who you will evict and who will stay, this could be a half million dollar decisions e you ready to make it

Josh this is ahr d i love you both dearly and you ahve been great friends in the house. Ive been playing and worked my butt off and i think about jury and how many ive pised off so many people.. but call me crazy i think taht i have a better chance siting next to xmas .

josh im sorry its a game decision i, doing it for my family

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:23 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Xmas is evicted

Paul and Josh are the Final 2

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:24 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Julie it sounds like

Julie why didnt you fight it seemed like you ere resigned to the fact you were leaving

xmas yeah they played a good game.. my mom said kill them with kindness

julie dont tell me who youa re voting for.. if you didnt break your foot would it have been differnt

xmas yeah.. after breaking my foot i didnt think i was going to make it.. im proud of myself (sobs)

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:35 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Jury on stage

Cody Elena Mark Matt Jason Raven Alex Kevin

Julie the last HG was evicted jason who do you think is #9

jason xmas

Mark xmas

Julie come on out

Julie you guys were right

Julie Josh was the winner of the final HOH and he was the one that evicted Xmas

raven what? OMG

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:36 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Jury questions

Elena Paul some of us in teh jury you orchestrated and participated in bullying tactics why was that necessary and how did that help your game?

paul i dont think i did bully tactics.. i feel that i spoke and stuck up for people in the game.. i dont think i bullied anyone

matt josh people dont think you did anything what did you do

josh what you guys dont know is im a super fan.. i aligned with the outsiders and with paul xmas was always giving me information and i was keeping people calm.. and getting rid of cody week 2.. and getting rid of alex was my other big move cuz she would ahve beat me in the end

alex your last season your game was based on friendship why did yu destroy that this season

paul i dont think i did.. i got people as far as i can. maybe the misconceptions that i was going to toss my game out for them i want going to

cody josh some pep-le thought you didnt play yoru own game tell us why we are wrong

josh as a business man.. i down played my intelligence..

Jaosn why unnecessary lie to us days and hours when we were going to the jury when we were going to compare notes

paul i did say i was going to do thing.. but if the house wanted something and i didnt ahve numbers.. i had friendship i had to act a certain way.. if i had certain comps thrown so that i had a security blanket cuz i never knew what was going to happen

mark josh when you had arguments and fights you would cry and apologize to everyone and do ti over again

josh my strategy was to expose and call [people out. it ewas my strategy to ahve the house see the moves they were making

xmas Josh I would lie to know if you would like to evict peppy or crutches and why

josh peppy.. cuz it chased me down with creepy xmas hugs :shrug:

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:46 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Paul says his speech

HG i know that some point everyone single one of you either thought of, tried to or wanted to get me out of this game. And it wasnt necessarily something that i did to you. but it was because of who i was. The unleashed punishment on the house, was the only vet of the entire season and the most obvious target thought out the entire game.

From the second i walked in those doors i was immediately faced with a disadvantage, I was the odd man out and i had to play an extremely different game than every single one of you . I knew i ahd to play immediately i had no time to lose . It started with the friendship bracelets. Everyone knew my game and my capabilities so i gave certain people bracelets so they can show their capabilities, their skills and their weaknesses. and that is exactly what happened.

Of course i didn't want the 1st HOH i already had enough enemies so i needed someone else to take power and create a few enemies of their own and they did. Sorry Cody.

immediately after that i had a seemingly perfect HOH. I set the example of always ahve a a house target and from that point on everyone looked at me for advice and i pretty much had control of every single HOH . And always made sure even though there were people that wanted to get me out i always made sure ther was a house target. The 2 HOh's i didnt control i flipped the house to keep xmas and i flipped the house to keep josh.

The 2 hoh's that i didnt control i controlled the outcome and i was the one who flipped the house to keep josh.

After surviving the 1st Double Eviction, the house targets began to get smaller. So i knew i had to switch my strategy. So i did! I positioned myself between 3 pairs Maven, joshmas and Jalex in such a perfect way i didnt ahve to win any comps from that point forward. i had them win comps and then take each other out. one by one they took each other out while i dodged my way to the top where i was with Josh and xmas. and from thee i knew i had to win myself to the end and i did . I won the most important HOH which secured my spot in F3 and i won veto which secured who i took to the F3 and i won part 1 of the HOH which secure me being here right now . and again i got to chose who came up here with me

Tallying me up to 10 competitions wins. And every single time I won hoh, I won the pov and that meant that i had full control of my week. the other 4 vetos that i won not only kept me safe but were pivotal wins that pushed me forward in the game.

From the second I walked thru that door. i worked my ass off day after day, not only as the most obvious target, not only as the biggest threat, but whether i was your friend, ally, target or mentor everybody either wanted to know what i was thinking or what i was doing. And i still fought my way to this point right here with out even touching the block one single time**

And that's not with luck. and that's not by friendship. That's by playing the hell out of Big Brother. Which is exactly what i came back here to do.

Josh Speech

all the glory to god i said if i was coming into this house i would play fearlessly i aligned myself with paul and xmas and jason and alex i took shots when i was hoh and put all 3 of my targets on teh block and jess went home i took a shot at alex who was a great player in teh game.. i adapted and played fearless.. and played my heart out and gave it everything i got.. i had to play hard from day 21 i didnt have a friendship bracket. all you guys underestimated me.. and i stayed loyal and played the hell out of the game and i hope it's respected

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:47 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Cody im going to stay true to my word

Elena Cut scene ther is no jury management

Mark Congrats both of you

Matt Im voting for the person that i feel simply did more in every aspect of the game

Jason you cross the line with me somebody's gotta go :shrug:

Raven im going for the person taht played the best game

Alex you said it was just a game and we'd be friends afterwards.. if that's true then lets be friends im voting fotr ht person taht stabbed me in the front

kevin congrats to both of you guys

xmas i love you both proud of both long summer 100% game move .. i hope i ahve this right./. love you guys

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:53 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Cameron Jillian Ramses Dominique and Jessica on stage

Julie i know you want to let the jurors in on what was going on.. we'll get to you jess with cody but lets talk game

jessi tried warning your guys but you didn't want to listen paul ahd an alliance with everyone but cody.. he quite often laughed at you guys in the Dr and refereed to himself and the puppetmaster the worst part is that most of you guys said that Paul deserves to win. if you decided to say that then you shouldnt ahve came on the game

julie you all said you trust paul.. lets take a look

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:54 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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paul puppet master segment

Jess if i was in jury paul would get my vote

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:58 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Julei who was the hardest to betray

paul all of them

julie josh wasnt the only one who was sneaky josh you did your own thing

josh's GB messages to the HG's blowing up pual';s game

julie josh explain what your intentions were when leaving them that message

josh i gave pauyl/xmas my owrd.. but they didnt knw what was going on. everyone was lost.. with out ruining my game it was the only way for me to get to themed

paul i think it';s a like cowardly but he gave me credit cuz i took him this far cuz i knew i could beat him

UgotBronx 09-20-2017 06:59 pm

Re: Live Finale Wednesday 9/20/17
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Cameron i dont know why you would be in this game and give someone $500,000

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