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UgotBronx 04-28-2018 07:02 am

Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
Ali evicted 4-1

Derek won HOH Name that speech

Derek nominated Johnny Olivia and Maddy in the Triple Eviction

Derek sat out for the POV

POV Players Johnny Olivia Maddy Will Kaela Paras

Kaela won POV Drawbridge to Veto

Kaela did not use the POV

Maddy was SAVED 3-1

Johnny and Olivia were evicted in the Triple Eviction

Kaela won HOH

Kaela nominated Maddy and Paras to be on the block

Kaela won POV

* Have Nots are done for the season! Yesterday Maddy and Will had to chug a glass of slop, lay on the tomb for 15 minsthen dunk in the moat for 1 minute to close the Catacombs for the season*

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 07:03 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
:casey: There are only 2 weeks left!! :casey:
Hope you are enjoying the updates and find them helpful

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UgotBronx 04-28-2018 07:07 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
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Paras this morning was trying to convince Will that getting out derek is a better chance for them

Willi made a deal with them to not vote them get to F4.. so it's fine for you but not for me.. i lose all those votes..

Paras being passive aggressive no that's ok im just spitballing it. Im not saying ths cuz it's what i want it's just a thought

Will i gave my word.. It's good for you in F2 but not for me

* Maddy slept in the white room last night

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 07:23 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
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Maddy out of DR

Will taking a shower

Paras borrowing eyeliner from maddy

Kaela talking aobut the 1st time she walked in the door

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 08:31 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
5 Attachment(s)

Maddy and Paras in the red room

maddy im going to the DR, get you u to speed

paras this is such a crappy state we're in.. one of us going this week

maddy i thi think it's me.. im not going to not fight for it..

paras you should

maddy i want you to also i see you in a head space that you dont want to and i hope that it's nto true.. look at me im a dirtbag, playing selfishly, start playing that way too.. Let me , let me be that way.. one of us if we survive this week, can win this game cuz we are that good. Im dirty and you're dirty..but not as bad. but both of us with this resume can win this game. you know that and one of us stays. ok..

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 08:35 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
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Paras earlier said to her self that Will shouldn't have made that deal with derek to take them to F4. that was their only way to get all 3 of them to the F4. he was only thinking about himself.

current time

Paras studying

Dereki in hoh listening to music

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 08:47 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
3 Attachment(s)
paras studying days

paras to herself I single hand in a bunch of people leaving and that's why theya re so pissed.. my decision.. for johnny liv ali ryan all leaving. sent them all to jury erica merron and veronica.. i cant be upset with that that's pretty good. i have to make the best call for me and i think i did. it's called doing what you have to do to satay in the game,

Paras called to DR

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 08:49 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
8 Attachment(s)
maddy studying quickly then heads to the kitchen, grabs a bunch of paper towels and starts to cut it up in pieces

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 08:59 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
4 Attachment(s)
Maddy ahs set up a new study sheet.. (her tone is enthusiastic when talking out loud)

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 09:01 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
1 Attachment(s)
Derek and Kaela studying in HOH

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 09:31 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
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Maddy talks to the fans/camera

Maddy i will prevail in my mission to win that veto..

Maddy OH Canada, Im so sorry for the things that i've done. I know this is what i said i would do. And the fact that i did it genuinely does surprise me. And i know that my reception is not going to be good and Im not resigned to it by any means but im starting to become resigned to it.

I hope that outside this game, those that i love and careful understand taht i ahve to behave a certain way because it's a game.

the human side of me does not want to win this veto today because paras deserves to be here more than I do. she does! SHe ahs played a superior game and i ahve piggybacked off her game this entire time. And that is why i stand here in this room in F5 right now

I ahve done my own work but it's been hinged on how she 's treated me.. and if im getting played.. Im amazed and more respect to her she is he best game player in this house over all im coming to terms with 5th but that doesnt mean im not going to try and takje that veto away from everyone. i didnt come her for friends fans. i came for the $100K.. and being 5th is good..

Maddy thursday was my chance to pull it together.. but i didnt. i should have erased my tie breaker questions and i didnt.. i hold myself accountable for my actions .. and im really homesick.. I thought i could handle it.. and those that cant.. dont want it bad enough.. i learned things about myself in this game.. i didnt know and maybe they stay in this game.. the way i behaved is despicable.. I hope it's not getting it's tired to hear..

I do feel very sorry for myself. that is part of this as well but I feel honestly and truly sick about how i've been. i am a good person somewhere in here and i know it's hard to beleive considering how ive played this disgusting game that i've played

BUT I am out of my league her and i know that. I am so normal so normal and i am thrown into a house with a lot of above average humans. and not as people but human beings i know who is or isn't above average. i will ahve to get to know them outside of the house. But big personalities.. and i came in knowing that i also was .. and i am thankful that i was chosen that they saw in my that i could be in my league.. i think i should feel a little less sick aobut it. but i dont. i do feel sick. and this beautiful girl inside and out.. and she might lose her chase and she might have this moral issue.. and it's so sickening how i behaved.. i am in it now and i ahve to win.. and if i dont try it will amke it worse.. the person im am in here is not who i am.. (she's crying-choking up) So i will keep studying.. and i have not poised myself as a mental threat. It's a sick world in here.. and there is no consolation prize for this..

Everyone that said i was a snake youa re absolutely right i am.. but i pushed it as much as i could.. and all those Hg's at home I appreciate your role. and h i know how you probably seeing me and if you are interested ina friendship outside of it. that it would not be build on the foundation that i built inside this house and anyone taht is cheering for me that now you're not. i hope you find that person you can cheer for.. being independent doesnt make you weird and having yoru own opinion doesnt make you rude. it's standing up for myself doesnt make a bitch but given the context on how things played out and my actions i chose.. that saying that it would fall flat.. but i beleive those things in real life but i dont think i can back that up inside this house

it's a game that i played to the best of my ability.. and im ready to rip out of the hands's a $100,000 to a really good person but taking out of hers means it's closer to being in mine..

man o man im not going to sleep tonight.. i dont know if any of us will win it but we'll see.. I'll stop feeling sorry for myself.. this is too much i should focus more on studying.. are you sick of hearing all this..

maddy i think that i will find appreciation in all this.. i really do. I dont want to talk to anyone else but myself.. Dad im sorry you didnt raise me like this.. LETS DO THIS

back to studying

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 09:31 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
2 Attachment(s)
paras still in DR

Wil in red room while maddy studies

Kaela and derek still studying

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 09:35 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
3 Attachment(s)
Paras out of the DR

BB Kaela to the DR

Derek what is everyone doing? studying? i ahve in a while. it takes so long and there is more to knwo

paras do you go in order or skip it?

Derek i go back n forth

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 11:31 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
6 Attachment(s)
Maddy so it's me you or kaela winning.. not will

Paras or derek

Paras if she feels so comfortable.. she might take temptation.. see how your talks go imply that it wouldn't look good for her to sit there with them.. say you dont ahve anything to lose. you can throw me under the bus.. just say her and I are done and that you have to do what is good for your game

maddy if she comes here and i can tempt her into the convo I will

maddy she still says that you threw me under the bus with johnny in that hoh room

paras leave me out of this one.. talk about her and derek

maddy yeah it was most about her and derek

paras cloud her mind up with Derek being good.. doing good.. had this game the entire time..

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 11:34 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
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Paras just keep planting those seeds.. she is really into him.. he either haas a g/f or is gay..

maddy what? maybe when the camera turns they get a kiss

paras she loves him.. but she is savage.. and if we let her beleive that she has all of us

maddy we're going to have to blow up if her hands touch that veto

paras i hope it's me you or her cuz then we can do soemthing

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 11:44 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
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paras Will is out for himself.. i dont blame him but still he thinks he's locked with derek for F2

maddy yeah

paras she is not that smart.. to not see that is very dumb.. to not see something like that

maddy it's jsut how the f5 work

Will in says he feels shitty

maddy i think the slop shakes did that ( to close the have not room will and maddy had to chug slop shake, lay on the tomb for 15 mins and dunke in the moat for 1 minute)

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 11:50 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
4 Attachment(s)
Pars in the kitchen

kaela cooking

maddy back to studying

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 11:56 am

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
4 Attachment(s)
Lunch is ready

Will how does it work with the f4

maddy the hoh next week guarantees f3 but that;'s it.. the person who wins veto is the one who picks.,. and changes the noms

Will so the only person off the block is the one who gets to evict..

maddy yeah

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 12:53 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
1 Attachment(s)
they are all just studying.. 4 feeds now on the white room studying :rolleyes:

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 01:03 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
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Derek and kanela on feeds 1/2 listening to music

Derek when you won hoh you were so cry happy sob happy

kawela laughs.. cuz i thought i was gone

kaela if you win hoh.. youa re guaranteed F3.. and that means you just have to win 1 more comp to be in f2..

kaela if i didnt win we were dead in this game together.. i won for us. not jsut for me. i saved your life.. and you ahve to save mine next week with the veto and pay me back

derek yep

kaela im going to be so embarrassed to watch that comp.. i didnt cry all season..

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 01:42 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
2 Attachment(s)
maddy i felt taht i was loosing myself as a person.. and i have some moral regrets. and it;'s just a game.we are not who we define ourselves to be inside the house . I dont think we coulda done this with out each other

kaela yeah i dont think you 3 woulda survived if you didnt ahve each other

maddy i hope i make it thru the week but i hope it's noty at the game expanse.. and we all do what is best for us.. today i feel more at peace with it

kaela every decision i made. i made it and i wont regret it i'll just move on from it.

Kaela whatever happened to you will and paras.. it was emotional. and whatever they did it's game

maddy i just thought that they never would. it got personal.. and it's all mixed up.. and i know you are probably struggling with the thoughts of derek

kaela i have thought of it but i have to do it for the game.. and why i am here

maddy i heard you yelling at me during fishermans barf.. "why are you hear".. i thought of that all the time. i walked in here with an objective and no personal reasons..

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 01:43 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
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kaela realistically we most likely wont see each other again

maddy you will . when the time is right

akela no one's game is over yet

maddy i felt human guilt and i was a bit overwhelmed this morning and then i talked it out. it feels better now for sure

akela it's good to have a better head space going into the comp

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 01:49 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
4 Attachment(s)
Kaela leaves

maddy gets up and heads out of the room

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 01:55 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
3 Attachment(s)
:cheers: feeds cut 4:55pm BBT :shrug:

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 02:11 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
4 Attachment(s)
Derek and kaela have a quick pillow fight

paras curling her hair

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 02:43 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
4 Attachment(s)
paras doing her hands

maddy on battery change duty

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 03:48 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
5 Attachment(s)
Feeds cut 6:03 pm BBT for POV Comp

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 05:50 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
7 Attachment(s)
Feeds back

paras we have to make sure taht she knows that he cut the deal on her hoh.,. and that he is controler her hoh.. that she's not safe

maddy it said we ahve to give the black socks back.. it makes me sad

Kaela are you ok?

Derek yeah..

kaelaw whats wrong?

Derek you beat me

Kaela you poor sport.. my strategy was better than yous


Derek no one's done that all season 3 in a row.. veto hoh and veto

kaela you were like good job

Derek you did great!!!

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 05:53 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
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kaela maddy you knew that i was sitting on a peg right?

maddy yeah

kaela derek thought i was holding on with just my hands.. my arms woulda been like jello

derek to be honest will woulda won

kaela he wouldn't ahve been able to get the torquise

kaela good job that you got him to drop that's a good argument to use in jury..

Derek i told him that one comp isnt going to change anything.

akela he shoulda won and he coulda used it.. he coulda sent you home.. on my HOH.. that woulda been epic for him

derek no he said he swore and that he wanted F4

akela i went to him that i said i didnt say anything that hey good job and that youa re still F4 to me .. i didn't say a word.. cuz you didnt even win..

UgotBronx 04-28-2018 05:57 pm

Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18
4 Attachment(s)
Derek it';s good.. im stoked.. we ahve all the power.

kaela you are safe cuz of me

derek will stepped off. cuz we made that deal

Derek im not mad it's still a competitioon

akela dont be sour apples.. you mad cuz i got another on my resume.. i stayed up cuz i wanted to beat yuou

derek you ahve to win the veto..

kaela are you going to kick me out next week are you?

Derek i have zero fears playing against paras/will..

kaela if you can do taht again and win hoh.. secure f3.. and it comes down to me you or will.. we can make a F3 deal with will

derek 100%

kaela i will take him to F3

Kaela whoever wins veto sends them home. will just cant win hoh.. i'll be the only vote.. he will drop to secure F3..

Will at least we got it out of the way and no one ahd to shave thier head

paras true

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