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hamsterAugust 31, 2006 - Day 60

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>> Danielle evicted 3-0 - Janelle wins first Head of Household <<
>> George & Erika nominated - Erika wins veto and uses it <<
>> George & Boogie nominated - George evicted 2-0 <<
>> Boogie is Head of Household <<

Two-for-one special

Just before the feeds go to flames we get what's becoming a new tradition as Boogie assures Danielle she should be safe, knowing full well that she's gone.. he also helps George adjust his spandex catsuit before he ultimately heads out to meet Julie's black leather

And we're off, with George as a flowerpot and Danielle unusually dressed down (for a Thursday) in the chairs.. no sooner is she out the door than George practically streaks the tv audience.. Erika & Will share a handshake and noticeably not a hug
Julie tells Danielle to drop her Bible and confronts her with some pointed questions and few compliments (but she doesn't mention the HOH doorbell).. Danielle smiles but her responses are short, with a clipped tone - she's obviously not pleased to be on this side of the door
Farewells include a compliment on her game from Janelle, reciprocal to what Dani's been saying the last few days (making us wonder what might have happened had these two teamed up).. Will also compliments and takes responsibility for her walking the plank.. Boogie reminisces about the good ol' Legion of Doom days (that ended suddenly, without notice).. George gives his usual warm & sincere good-bye.. Erika gives her usual tears and pleas for forgiveness, along with a subliminal "vote for me anyway"

Moving right along we're asked & shown who the next HOH will be, and of course it comes to pass, and Janelle takes the key to nowhere from Erika
The TV audience gets to experience some of what we feedsters go thru on a regular basis: wondering WTF are they whispering about, and wondering what's really behind the hand-holding and arm-touching as they whisper.. Julie welcomes new nominees George & Erika to their places, introduces the veto comp and points out the two giants nuts.. err.. knots on the playing field
It's a quick rope game that Will almost wins(!) but he doesn't follow directions so well and/or his veto thingy won't come off, and Erika gets the win
Julie flubs and confuses Erika by asking for a speech when it isn't time for one, then Erika naturally removes herself from the chair and Janelle puts Boogie into it
George is out unanimously and leaves in the most ok-with-eviction style we've seen yet, genuinely pleased to have played at all and lasted so long.. Julie tries to humiliate him one last time but he isn't having it, acknowledging that he feels like "the donkey in the Kentucky Derby who finished fifth" but smiling all the while.. more power to him
If there were a Mr/Ms Congeniality award this guy would win it hands down, but instead he gets Colonel Saunders revived from the dead in a cheesy sponsor opportunity.. back in the house Boogie's getting weird

I don't have a lot in the way of send-offs for George or Danielle, other than what I've been saying all along about George, that he's one hell of a good guy and a good sport and I'm glad he was there and lasted this long.. Danielle acted throughout like she deserved to win and anyone who stood in her way was out of line.. she got super nasty (and personal) a few times and she talked us & them to death a few more times, but in the end she went out with class as expected.. by her own admission she aligned with Will on Day 1 and with James on Day 2 - considering they're probably the two biggest liars & backstabbers in a house of liars & backstabbers, it's no surprise to anyone but her that she didn't go all the way.. maybe next time? ACK!! just kidding

Final four

Shock & confusion seem to be the order of the evening as the sushi they've been begging for finally arrives after the show.. Will proposes a Final 4 toast and Operation Double Date Alliance clinks their glasses.. they have no HOH, no nominees, and they don't realize those things plus veto will be sped up once again for another eviction on Tuesday

Then the flames come & go and one missing element is filled in: Boogie's won HOH.. they're decked out in referee suits, Will's thumb (hurt in the veto) is wrapped up, and Erika doesn't look pleased

Boogie calls them in with what is likely the last "Who wants to see my HOH room?" - I think they close it up for Final 3

The procession to the debut is noticeably smaller and quieter.. inside it's ice blue & chrome.. three group around the photos & goodies - Erika checks the mirror


Life cereal, cookies & Spaghetti-Os are approved.. Janelle thinks she knows the guy in one of the new pics, and tells them the bedspread is a rerun from her first co-HOH with Jase - most of the room is.. Erika still doesn't seem pleased - maybe she's doing the math and realizing Janelle didn't put up Will as promised, in three chances.. Boogie's pleased as punch

Oh great, another drunken hot tub party

They sit around congratulating themselves and crowing about how great and good-looking they are - it's enough to make you gag

They share a four-way kiss (peck) and again in reverse, against Will's not-so-strenuous objections, as usual.. they run post-mortems on all the others who've been and left, and get sippier as they go

A plane flies over and buzzes them a few times, appropriately, since they're all buzzed.. they say it's because the show's such a smash hit and the public's so happy they're the final four

Janelle had lent Erika a bikini, and adjusted it for her.. Will keeps asking Janelle to back off and she keeps hanging on him.. there's a lot of touching going on and it seems to be in/from both directions
Boogie & Erika do some smooching but pull apart when Will keeps pressuring them to have a baby together.. tonight
They meet in the kitchen and smooch some more, then Boogie says that later when they go upstairs they won't talk about the game at all.. when they get up there they do talk about the game some, and come close to professing their love to each other, or something
Meanwhile things get chilly at the hot tub.. apparently Janelle gets upset at Will pushing her away? or something.. she's gone when I find Will steaming, then he has an angry monologue at us about the "psycho blonde ruining my life.. Operation Double Date was a joke! I need security in here!".. as if he isn't part of whatever's going on between them.. it's ridiculous
They meet up in the bathroom and he asks if she's mad at him and why is she being so standoffish.. then again in the pantry/conference room where he goes thru his "I got your back in this game" stuff, and "has anything led you to believe that isn't true?" She says no, for some reason.. Erika listens at the door and hears it all
I have no idea if Janelle's playing Will back or if she's forgotten his 'sympathy vote' for Diane - his first 'test' of loyalty to Janelle failed - not to mention Marcellas' & Howie's evictions

Boogie comes along and Erika gestures for him to listen at the door with her.. he barges in instead, shouting "What's going on? Are you guys fucking in here?".. later when Erika goes to Diary Boogie tells Will & Janelle how he broke it up so Erika wouldn't hear more than she already had and get suspicious that she's next on their hit list
Janelle tells Erika over guacamole that she & Will never talk about the game.. "Oh?" is her I-know-better response

Will & Janelle meet up again in the pantry/conference room and are back to doing their touchy-feely-flirty thing, with a dance-twirl thrown in.. later Will tells Erika how Janelle's making everything so difficult for him, and how she won't leave him alone.. Erika has a few choice words about her too

They're still getting called in for Diaries at 3am, which is unheard of.. BB Kenny's on duty - maybe he just likes chatting with them.. Boogie & Erika bed down in HOH and exchange a few smooches before going to their separate corners of the bed.. Will & Janelle pay a visit and bring Triscuit snacks, and finally head for separate beds, though Janelle accepts his invitation to visit his for a few minutes before going to hers

The whole evening's been like watching 7th graders with crushes left home alone with the booze cabinet unlocked.. great fun if you're in 7th grade - not so much otherwise

Solo study

Janelle gets up again and goes outside to smoke.. she says hi to us and says she can't sleep, but otherwise keeps to herself, silently whispering Jedi drills to herself and just being silent

She doesn't tell us what she's got in mind

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Thursday's show won its time slow with 6.1 rating/10 share. For perspective, second place 'Grey's Anatomy' was 5.3/9 and 'My Name is Earl' with 4.8/8 was third.

The remaining show schedule:
Sunday, Sept 3 (delayed in some areas)
Tuesday, Sept 5: Live eviction
Thursday, Sept 7: Live eviction?
Sunday, Sept. 10: No show
Tuesday, Sept. 12: Live finale

All-stars still aren't top Googles

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Not-so-special Adolescent Sex & Drinking Games edition

Ups for packing it all into the hour Thursday in spite of 8 minutes of recaps and Julie's flubs such as never explaining to them on-air that two would be leaving after all her buildup that they'd be 'shocked'. They keep making it sound like Will's worked all this up spur of the moment rather than over the past many weeks - probably cuz they were too busy making up storylines than to report what was really happening. Julie put both Danielle & George on the grill but George handled it better, and she left the schedule hanging wide open by not cluing the tv audience in to corrections needed after airing their whisperings about how much time is actually left. Boogie got too many Dolce mentions in again and wasn't it handy that the only other hamster packed & ready to go was George? Paradise© is likely a local hotel for a day or two since Cabo's being evacuated for Hurricane John: just one more painful detail for the producers to cope with this season.

No telling if he's totally stringing Erika along til it's safe to do otherwise, or if he's got real feelings for her and hasn't a clue how to proceed with them. Either way, it's distasteful watching their showmance unfold, and it's even worse listening to their smacky smooches.

No telling if she's got real feelings for Boogie or if she's just stringing him along til it's safe to do otherwise, but either way it's distasteful watching her keep jumping his bones after he rejects her time and time again.

No telling if she's got real feelings for Will or if she's just stringing him along til it's safe not to (although she didn't nominate Willboogie together when she could have), but either way it's distasteful watching her continually throwing her sippy self at him when he keeps asking her not to.

Dr. Will
No telling if he's got real feelings for Janelle or if he's just stringing her along til it's safe to do otherwise, but either way it's distasteful watching him repeatedly push her away and then ask her if she's mad and begging with her not to be, especially after he's gone on a solo rant about how the 'psycho blonde' is ruining his life.


We only got the BB1 goony guy with his Thursday night get-ups but he had his share of colorful moments and championship belly flops. He won an important veto by shaving his head & going on perma-slop, making him the most suffering but least complaining of them all. He's a very decent guy and a good friend to them all (even Howie), and I wish him only good things.


She said she wanted redemption but she played it too hard too often, and got played right out the door. She spent a day in solitary, and 'got personal' and nasty a few times but she did herself in by trusting the most untrustworthy: James, Erika & Willboogie. Strategy & working behind backs are her fortes but this time she'll be remembered most for excessive ding-donging.


He ran a self-professed 'Janelle hate campaign' when she had his back, and called her a liar, traitor & worse on tv but he hooked up with Dani on Day 2. He promised to be more fun but wasn't much until the end, when he was great. He plays the game well but too hard and personal. The Dolly Wars will follow him but he'll be ok: it's just a little harm.


Love him or hate him, nobody can deny he's an individual. Two years running he's stayed truer to his partners than anyone while staying on good terms with everyone on all sides, in spite of behavior that would get most arrested. His act gets old and he drops trou a lot, but he's almost always upbeat and his heart is solid gold. We'd all be lucky to have a friend as loyal as Howie.


He had early alliances galore but blew them all off to mope & complain instead. Editing was far from kind and didn't even give us his best but it's his own doing (like most of his problems are). Hamsterwatch Most Photogenic award winner, especially since he started posing for renaissance paintings.


He said his heart wasn't in it this year and that he was saving his big moves for later: both fatal in the BB house, and not kicking out Will when he could was pivotal to the season. But he shaved his head for the game and stopped twisting his hair too. Good to see him again and overnighters especially will miss him.


Sadly, she didn't stand a chance this year. She came in defeated & involved in a feud, and lost all her partners. Mrs. Smith didn't give us the fireworks she's capable of but she's always an all-star in my book and I wish her well.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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