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hamsterAugust 15, 2006 - Day 44

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Coming soon: The Great Hamster Massacre of 2006

I sure hope we get to see their faces when they find out they're not as fun, exciting, or interesting as they think, and that their finale's been moved up to Tuesday, September 12 instead of the 19th or 21st that prior years would suggest

I confirmed this too-good-to-be-true rumor with a call to my local CBS affiliate, who said yep, they received the news yesterday

BB6 began with 14 hamsters and ran 80 days with a double Kaysar eviction; BB5 ran 82 days and also had 14 after Adria & Natalie subdivided.. this batch is being euthanized on their 71st day and it won't be a moment too soon

Virtually every site and most fans thought All-Stars was a bad idea when it was announced, and it looks like the Powers That Be have finally acknowledged that.. even I have to applaud CBS for this decision to put us all out of our misery.. and won't it be fun to watch the habitat when the news arrives and the double evictions double up?

The faces of Danielle

She talks non-stop and gets loud when she drinks

She's got three loops: "I'm the smartest person here", "I'm the best player of all time" and "I was robbed in BB3 and let me explain why, again"

Here's one of her everlasting replays of BB3:
This is when the possibility comes up that someone else might be smarter than her - if only momentarily:
This is the process of working back to convince herself and whoever she's with that she is indeed the brains, the spotlight, the star of the season:
This is the replay of the above conversation (always inevitable) with embellishment to make herself look better and the others involved look worse:
You just have to ask yourself.. why would a person as smart and game-savvy as Danielle hitch her wagon to such known liars & backstabbers as James & Willboogie? Things that make you go hmmm

And then there's Drunken Danielle, who shows up most nights booze does - sometimes more than others.. tonight's a doozy - more on that later
Drunken Dani is slurry, angry, arrogant, self-righteous & bitter - you know the type

Tuesday Night Waffle Alliance

They're told they'll be woken at 8.30am so they think they'll be voting in the morning, even though the last Wednesday they were woken early to vote, they never did

George stays relatively uninvolved, eating his pickle relish dessert.. later he downs some maple syrup as a chaser

Review: Janelle had wanted to nominate George after Danielle used the veto, to ensure that Erika would go.. Willboogie & James pressured her to put up Marcellas instead, and she did

Tonight they stormtroop her & Howie in a show of force & intimidation, basically telling her Erika would stay and Marcellas would go.. she stands up to them for awhile, but backs down when Erika's sent in and turns on the waterworks, the "I love & miss Kaysar" and the "I've always been on your side" crap

Note the debris of crumpled tissues Erika scatters around her.. Howie listens in when it's Erika & Janelle on their own.. they arrive at a deal that Janelle won't evict Erika if Erika either won't go for HOH or will evict Danielle if she becomes HOH

The sordid story's told in tonight's videos:
Howie works Danielle She thinks he's dumb but he gets in a few subtle zingers here.. this was followed by George talking up Janelle's comp skills
Erika tells George she has 6 votes and immediately after, Will tells Janelle otherwise
Howie & Janelle versus James he calls them stupid & dumbasses and they laugh, which infuriates him more
Drunken Danielle about BB casting
Drunken Danielle warns James about the HOH meeting
Willboogie & James try to convince Janelle & Howie to vote out Marcellas She points out that it was their idea to put him up for a sure Erika eviction
Boogie's Save Erika Campaign includes telling about Marcellas wanting to partner up with Will before they went in
Janelle stands up to Willboogie and Boogie says he's dating Erika outside the house.. this gets James' attention who later tries to patch up with Janelle & Howie again, until Willboogie tell him they were making it up (sorry, YouTube doesn't like this one)
Boogie updates Erika, and Drunken Danielle updates Marcellas
Erika & Janelle on their own Erika says she's never been after Janelle
Drunken Danielle tells Marcellas they've been sold out
Erika & Janelle again Erika cries about Kaysar and says she's on her own (between the hair and the off-the-shoulder tops, Erika's more like Single White Female every day)
Drunken Danielle says she isn't drunk
All 6 in HOH Janelle, Erika (with used hankie pile), Howie, Will, James, Boogie
Drunken Danielle talks to George about the meeting that's going on
Drunken Danielle & Erika stage a fight for George's benefit? Dani claims she's not drunk again
Drunken Danielle & Erika talk about phony fight Still saying she's not drunk; also James & Boogie check-in
Drunken Danielle says she's "acting" (my personal favorite today)
Bro's before ho's Willboogie & James get passed-out Danielle out of bed and put her on the floor to talk about the evening's meeting results (after James is back with them again from his temporary Erika/Boogie dating scare)
Will tells Janelle & Howie about a sort of deal with Kaysar and the notorious pre-season gay vampire chat (log courtesy of Aldav)

Cleanup on aisle 7

They're all on slop tomorrow, thanks to Danielle's loss in the food comp

But as we all know, Danielle goes blameless for anything negative so that remains unsaid as they all gorge on midnight meals.. they throw their watermelon into the pool

James panics for a bit after hearing the highly exaggerated Erika/Boogie dating story and cozies up with Janelle & Howie again, but Willboogie set him straight and he's back to straddling both fences again in no time

Howie cleans up the kitchen after most of them have gone to bed.. Will works on Janelle well into the night - he must know she'll start adding 2+2 again once on her own or with Howie.. he admits to a pre-show "partnership" with Kaysar, and says sure, they can send Erika home this week

Later when it's just Janelle & Howie again, they get really angry realizing how everyone's been playing them to get what they want, especially Boogie

Line of the day award goes to Marcellas who said to Janelle earlier today "I'm just glad nobody started calling each other bitches and getting out of each other's respect zone before now".. apparently he's not counting most of the things he's said about Janelle


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All-stars still aren't top Googles but the movie they all hated makes the #3 and #4 spots this week

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Misery House edition, ver 2.0

So now it's just a 'well-known phrase' - they've dropped the 'applies to the BB game' part; and they've got Jack and April as 'some of the most explosive houseguests in BB history'.. uh huh. Janelle's editing was a bit less horrid on Tuesday's show but that's ass-uming James & Marcellas aren't taken at their word.. oops, silly me. I honestly don't know how anyone could stomach this show if they didn't have the feeds to balance against, but do I care? Not so much.. I'm over it and any hope of a decent retelling or fair portrayal for tv is long out the window. The show's being co-produced by Will and its star is Boogie, for no other reason than he's Will's sidekick.. gotta wonder how much that deal cost CBS. I'm just glad the whole thing's being cut short and if there is a BB8, I hope it'll be done by different producers.. Endemol's original vision remains a huge success in other countries. Let CBS stick to what they do best: shows about corpses.

He just about hung himself & Will by bringing up the Erika dating story before they went in the house (translation: he passed out on her) in his solo flight to convince Janelle & Howie to keep Erika and kick Marcellas. That got James all hot & bothered, which is never a bad thing, but they talked their way out of it again.

Great fun watching her drunken self slopping all over the house & backyard talking to herself, talking to us, saying she wasn't drunk (drunks always say that) and that she was 'acting'.. yah right. <hic>

Looks like she's going to slip through again and stay in there to haunt us some more. Then again, maybe she'll go.. you never can tell with hamsters when they're in waffling mode.

Yea, he's still there.

He knows what's going on but he lets them steamroll all over him & Janelle anyway. What we need is for Howie to go Busto on James, or any of them. Until then he's a lost cause.. but he remains the only one who hasn't been nominated.

He's still there, he's still nervousing, he's still biting his nails, he's still speed-rapping 100 mph, he's still cussing every other word, and he's still a drip.

So disappointing to watch her stand up for herself, presenting the facts that she was pressured into nominating Marcellas to those who pressured her, then bowing to their pressure again (and Will's charm) and agreeing to go along with evicting him. Marcellas will never forgive her that - not that that's a great loss from Mister 'Walk up to that busted blonde bombshell and pull that brassy hair out by its black roots' and not that his gloomy presence in the house will be missed by anyone, but she knows she got screwed over and she's letting it happen again on a daily basis. I'd still like to see her do well but she's going to have to snap out of it and get back to herself pronto to pull it off.

Everybody's fighting over him and he couldn't care less: he's just happy he got his $30k sequester bonus and wants to go pop zits in a mirror without a camera behind it. For co-hosting 'Housecalls' for two? three? years, the guy is clueless about the game and its players beyond what CBS shows, and maybe that's why he won't be going back to HC (or so he said many weeks ago). He & Danielle hinted about their partnership tonight so she could still swing to keep him if the house does, but his Eeyore act has run its course and it'll be a relief to watch him go. He'll never acknowledge that Janelle watched out & tried to fight for him every chance she got, and that's just as well: with friends like him, who needs enemies?

Dr. Will
He owns them all more than ever, especially Janelle, and he's playing them all like a dime store yo-yo. He's not impervious though: the arrogance & overconfident act are covering up something (they always are.) He's got a professional reputation this time that he didn't before and that's probably keeping him nicer than last time, but all these behind-the-back successes can't be good for business. He made a plea to internet viewers tonight promising how good he's going to get and to tell our friends to tune in, but that came six weeks after he's been insulting us daily: not the best PR style there, bub. Anyway, CBS is pulling the plug on his act earlier than scheduled: that's gotta hurt. After all the hype & self-promotion, Mr. Showbiz may never have an explanation for that one.


He said his heart wasn't in it this year and that he was saving his big moves for later: both fatal in the BB house, and not kicking out Will when he could was pivotal to the season. But he shaved his head for the game and stopped twisting his hair too. Good to see him again and overnighters especially will miss him.


Sadly, she didn't stand a chance this year. She came in defeated & involved in a feud, and lost all her partners. Mrs. Smith didn't give us the fireworks she's capable of but she's always an all-star in my book and I wish her well.


His alliances and behavior were all over the map this time and both got him kicked out. He went out the back door again but it wasn't intentional this time. So long, mirror-face.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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