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hamsterJuly 26, 2006 - Day 24

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Body count escalates again

The residue of last night's mess lingers on in there.. so it will be here as well

I ass-ume they voted and voted out Jase, and I ass-ume they took cutesy posed photos of each other too, though I missed both

Update: Yep, they did take cutesy pictures that included James, Danielle & Will as the sensory-deprived monkeys, and Will giving Howie a smooch.. Will agreed to pose if Howie stops giving shout-outs to Will's $2 million girlfriend Erin Brodie
Thanks to Hamsterwatcher Kristine for the pics & info!

James starts his day by talking game horizontally as visitors come & go.. elsewhere it's a body count for all but Tupac George who keeps busy cooking up newer & tastier slop for himself.. he's on Day 5 of up to 60

They're getting a little creative and a little unusual in their cocooning at least: Kaysar bypasses the couch for the floor while chatting with Danielle.. Willboogie add footage for their upcoming gay showmance segment by bedding down together in HOH
Before cocooning, Willboogie say when (if) Boogie gets HOH he should call in the BB6ers and say he'll let them decide which of them go up.. if they don't, he'll let the house decide

Outside it's more of the same.. Diane isn't much perkier than the rest but she sends some shout-outs to family & friends

Erika's cocoon looks like it's made of burlap.. she enters is gradually, in stages

That's pretty much how things go today, accompanied by breads & kumquats.. Janelle & Marcellas have some laughs at least, talking about the excessive quantities of junk food that's always waiting for them in the pantry - "Do we look like the kind of people that eat that stuff? Who needs 40 bags of potato chips??" - watch the video

George saves the day

My day, anyway

I happen to peek into the gym while he's treadmilling with Howie & Diane

watch the video

Later on he's got hold of scissors, glue and stuff to cut up, and works on a MR FART t-shirt.. the guys are calling him that (Day 5 on slop, remember).. I think he may be planning to wear it for Julie tomorrow - maybe somebody should let him know how well that one worked for Howard Stern

I don't know how or why they keep ending up with arts & crafts supplies but for as bored as they keep saying they are, most of them don't seem to get very busy or creative with them.. hopefully we'll get the 2006 version of gnomes/piggies/pinatas soon - that's always a fun evening

Some of them spend much of the afternoon & evening playing their song/artist game, which naturally makes them sing.. as if it isn't dull enough in there we end up getting flames and WAY TOO LOUD music strobing on & off for hours

Something was set up in the backyard for HOH tomorrow but was taken away again - they saw scratches & drag marks on the lawn after lockdown - so it's something easy to set up that they don't get to practice.. I sure hope it's endurance

It could happen

I don't usually get big into chops - lots of other sites do them so well - but this one just seemed like it was crying out to be done

Huge thanks to C=Venus for chopping in the light saber so very well

Back to our story, and booze!

They're on breads/kumquats today as well as veggies/beer

Most of them are happy to see evening booze delivery, and that "beer" once again means beer and wine

James & Howie settle down to talk some game in the backyard.. Erika comes along and invites herself to join.. she proceeds to get touchy-feely with Howie and ask him all kinds of sexual questions
If she keeps this up, she could eventually become the new Busto - although Howie isn't complaining, yet

Herds form outside and in.. Janelle gives Marcellas a sippy hug.. Will interrogates her about her dating history, and she starts to tell about pulling a knife on a girlfriend who was after her boyfriend, but the flames and WAY TOO LOUD music put an end to that

Will takes notice of his surroundings and asks about the BB memorabilia on the wall, Howie's light saber, etc.. upstairs Diane tells stories of her teen arrests to James & George.. Janelle walks through and one-ups her at one point - watch the video
If the photo bank is called the Memory Wall, I wonder what this area's name is

It seems like most have eaten well today - Breads & Kumquats Day includes veggies - fries are made & passed around along with condiments of course, but by midnight they're all complaining of hunger (except George).. Will keeps banging on the walls and demanding Taco Bell.. technically it's another new day already so they delete the fridge contents again and Boogie takes out the trash - make your own jokes

Diane & Marcellas watch from upstairs, and then the flames and WAY TOO LOUD music come to stay as Real undergoes some planned maintenance.. let's hope this doesn't become a weekly event

An early good-bye to Jase

Ass-uming he's gone tomorrow, of course

I try to keep my good-bye's to them on the nice side - after all, they put themselves out there so we can point 'n laugh - so I didn't want this one to be with his eviction day

As I said above, I'm not real good doing chops but was playing around with them and came up with this one awhile ago.. it didn't mean much at the time but then he went on his drunk rant, so maybe it's a little more applicable now as one possible future for him

I hope it's not the case though.. I like to think that Jase is basically a decent guy at heart (I like to think they all are).. booze just brings out the worst in some people


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Join-the-club waffle edition rerun, with new guest hamsterduckies courtesy of hulahoop.

Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value.

Tuesday's show was fun thanks to Will's 'I hate you all' speech but yesterday's reenactments were as good or better. History was revised when the show opened by saying BB6 has been HOH 'for the third straight week' - what about Jase as co-HOH that first week? Also glaringly absent were James' extended 'it's not fair' spiel after the veto, and any hint of Jase's raps that came before the Midwest theme, especially since they did show George's 'James is a prick' rap. They had lots of awwww moments with Howie's 'apprentice teaches the master' and George's heart in being gutsier than the rest for the veto.. be aware though, producers asked them first how far they'd be willing to go (per a Janelle/Howie convo the other day) which explains a lot. They glossed over much of the storyline as far as who's working whom as usual, but the show definitely ended on the tone of Jase being evicted (or 'backdoored' for dramatic potential) which could mean Dr. Will could be the one to leave Thursday since they love to misdirect us. A Day 19 text-over during noms confirmed that my day-count is correct so at least I don't have to go back and fix all that. Marcellas sniffing Kaysar was what it was, but I have to point out that I've been calling Jase's reflection 'Mirror-face' for two years now.. hmmm. Loved Dani & Will's versions tho!

Looks like he'll get to keep his better half after all.

The main stirrer-upper lately won't be happy to find out exactly how much she stirred up, or that her stirring was a big factor in letting her biggest rival Will stay on to haunt her.

She's about to become a solo act and get absorbed into the Willboogie entity.. I expect a lot more overnight time at her headquarters.

I don't know if she's starting to learn she doesn't have as much solid ground as she thinks she does, but the rest of them are.

He's not the original 'What, me worry?' guy, but he's the current title holder.

The Waffle Alliance's main cheerleader and mascot.

The Waffle Alliance's main problem.

The Waffle Alliance's main waffler early on, but its anchor for decision time.

He's a goner.. here's hoping he calls out a few news items on his way out to really stir things up.

The Waffle Alliance's part-time main problem and late-blooming voice of reason.

He's just excited to be here.

Dr. Will
Three weeks in a row he begs to be evicted but nobody will do it. He still owns them all.


Not the most charismatic and she didn't start playing in time, but each side kicked her out so the other couldn't have her. Kudos to her for having the guts to return.


She worked out and hid in a vase but the potential for catfights & dramatics left with her. She didn't live up to her skanky rep: good for her, bad for us.

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