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hamsterJuly 19, 2006 - Day 17

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The tinfoil hats come out

It's earlier than usual, but Chicken George is in the house

Kaysar's last day as HOH means blogging and photos.. Jase tells him that he kept crying while writing his blog and thinking about Heidi back home.. the camera comes out and they pose & pose


George makes himself a tinfoil hat.. Jase pitches in, adding a necktie, goggles & cape
Pretty soon it's a full superhero scenario and he's saving distressed damsels - he says he'll wear it tomorrow for Julie

Then it's time to crowd around and look over the pics - you'd never guess they're surrounded by mirrors 24/7
It's the usual stuff - cutesy poses, slop pails, etc

Body counts are 'round the clock now.. James, Erika & Marcellas have a nice chat about their ex's before passing out.. Erika repeats how hard it was for her having Robert in there with her on BB4

Erika wanders off and James & Marcellas discuss Kaysar and his nominations, using words like "faulty reasoning" and "God complex" - watch the video

Janelle has fun spinning marbles around a bowl roulette-style, but even the best fun fades fast in there

Later she & Kaysar laugh about bedtime last night: Kaysar had gone to asleep, and Janelle & Howie had climbed into the HOH bed with him ("we're the new Nerd Herd").. all's quiet, then Howie jumped out of bed shouting "Who farted?!!", waking Kaysar.. it was Janelle.. they laughed & laughed - watch the video of today's recollection (I saw it but missed recording it last night)

Howie cleans the kitchen window but does a lousy job.. BB asks someone to do it over and Nakomis volunteers.. yes, it's this exciting in there

Diane must have gotten notice that she's staying, as she talks with Marcellas about sticking strategies.. he tells her she has to get tight with the other girls because they have to start getting rid of some guys in a hurry

We get some close-ups of the red room (redrum) Good/Evil mural - it's nice work

Watch the birdie

You'd think it's Christmas when lockdown ends and they find badminton in the backyard

They all run out squealing.. Will/James play Jase/Howie but that fun fades fast too.. they switch out Jase for Boogie and go to soccerminton, but it doesn't last long either

None of them seem to think this could be a preview or variation of tomorrow's HOH comp - they all assume it'll be questions "since we didn't get anything to practice"
I'm hoping for endurance since they didn't do that for the first HOH like usual, especially since it looks like Diane will be there along with Jase & Kaysar, the other heavy hitters in the stand 'n hold a button event, but a badminton-flavored event would be especially sweet since they all ignored the possibility.. toll-booth questions do not make good tv, especially with Julie flubbing her lines

The slop crowd isn't doing well at all

Jase has been supplementing his food with slop here & there - it's packed with protein - he gets a burst of energy and goes for a spin on the lazy susan that ends with a whoooop, jump and collapse, delighting the gathered crowd

Janelle's not feeling well and has slept most of the day, but she goes for a treadmill.. Howie's hat says HOWIEWOOD - several connotations for that one.. Jase surprises the crowd in the bugs & platitudes room by dressing up for Diary

They laugh again about Janelle's late night deadly fart and general silliness.. James participates, living up to his pre-season promise to be more entertaining for Hamsterwatchers - watch the video.. Howie pulls out a Jokers Jedi thong, which naturally end up on George's head

Some of them play a song title & artist guessing game at the hot tub.. the rules are complicated and keep changing, and since they keep singing the songs it's mostly a lot of flames and WAY TOO LOUD music for us, but they seem to enjoy it

Willboogie have a private chat over pool about tomorrow's HOH and drop some names including Erika, who sounds in with them only as long as they need her - watch the video - it's hard to say if this is genuine or just for the benefit of us and/or tv time: they have that "we're giving good tv now" tone.. Boogie keeps glancing at the camera (Erika did the same during a posing session the other night, hmm).. they also mention their payscale: $2,500 per week in the house/$2,000 pre-season.. BB5 & BB6 hamsters were only worth $750/week


Jase spent about 1/3 of his time on BB5 in the mirror, making the same expression every time - which he rarely wore away from the mirror

His mirror-face has been noticeably missing from the feeds this time, but it showed up tonight

Suddenly it's two years ago all over again, with Mirror-face getting every strand of hair perfectly placed just-so for that casual, tousled mandana look

Later Diane & Boogie have a rushed whisper - definite cahoots are underway there.. Erika checks what they're all saying is a broken rib but there's no visible bruising from this vantage point, and she did fine with that golf swing, behind-the-back pool cueing and assorted posing, plus she gave Howie a hard spank in the kitchen tonight.. hmm.. upstairs Janelle's mixes up a concoction
Boogie: They [BB6-ers] think you're not coming after them
Diane: But I am

Janelle does touch-up while Howie watches.. he says he'd like to try a little highlight

Howie's ready to fall into bed and isn't pleased to find out he has to wash the bleach out.. they bathe together, kinda.. downstairs it's a body count then a party when Will, Marcellas & Danielle entertain Diane, Erika & Nakomis with stories from their seasons - Will's Krista is especially funny.. they speculate about twists and returning evictees etc, like they do.. Will winds up with another wrench to set apart the BB6-ers some more
Nakomis: If they bring in another sibling I'm outta here - I'm not even gonna pack
Erika: They better not bring in another ex of mine!
Will [as Krista]: Ah want mah Doctah Peppah!
Will: They're demoralizing us this time
[all agree]
Will: Except Season 6 - they're so happy to be here

Another slop casualty

Danielle goes on a late night cleaning frenzy, sparkling up the kitchen

Marcellas migrates up to the porch where Janelle & Kaysar are playing chess (Howie's farts sent them out of bed).. Erika appears out of nowhere, like she does.. Janelle goes down to make up some slop.. she & Danielle chat and laugh at Janelle's farts

Danielle's almost done when she discovers the burner under the plastic slop can is on

Pretty soon there's a committee there cleaning it up and chipping off the melted glop.. Marcellas watches from upstairs
Janelle: What are you going to wear tomorrow?
Marcellas: I don't know.. maybe something that matches George's aluminum
Marcellas: They can't film that
Marcellas: There's something about Kaysar in that black tanktop makes me crazy

Janelle didn't use the stove or put the can there, but she'll probably end up getting the blame

All signs point to Nakomis being evicted tomorrow.. this is becoming the routine this year: Friday nominations get made with an eviction target in mind, followed by much whispering & waffling til the pawn becomes the new target, and then back to the original plan on voting day.. it's ridiculous what they're putting us through, especially when the rest of the time is dull dull dull

If the producers and the hamsters don't step it up, they soon won't have much of an audience for either the show or the feeds

Finally, there's this: Howie wakes up in pre-dawn greenlight, puts on his mic & hat and tiptoes downstairs to the kitchen.. I thought he might be sleepwalking or sleepsnacking, but he goes on to the bathroom and looks thru the shelves to find something for his ear - it's been messed up since oatmeal diving
Hey Big Brother, it's fine to make them eat oatmeal slop, but if you're going to make them dive into that kind of stuff at least provide them with earplugs, and let the contact lens wearers (most of them) know what they're in for - this just isn't right.. and let Howie see an ENT guy huh?


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Voting day
Nobody did much of note either way today except George, and his wasn't really enough to warrant ups. Too-bored-to-write-about-it neutrals all around, with a plea to STEP IT UP in there.

Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value, and there isn't much.

CBS took the oversimplified route Tuesday. They didn't show anything feedsters were denied and Diaries gave us nothing new. They're avoiding any hints that secret alliances even exist let alone providing any definite info about them. The whole mess is dull enough as it is: guessing who's in bed with whom is the only fun we have.. tv-only viewers are going to click it off in droves at this rate. Willboogie's spiel about giving good tv is not only accurate but skillful as theirs were the majority of Diaries shown, along with Diane's emotional rollercoaster. They boiled down Kaysar's plan and its many repercussions to basically 'Kaysar's a thug and Willboogie are noble victims' plus basic arithmetic. Howie's forgotten towel made up the filler as did another new haircolor for Nakomis <yawn>, plus 'Radford Place' which they worked up cute but nobody needed it. Boogie's face-time went into overkill with the birthday party, but they edited out his plunge into Erika's crotch to a cutesy PG version. Most of them barely showed up at all, especially Danielle & James who are the busiest ones in there aside from Marcellas.













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