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hamsterJuly 11 & 12, 2006 - Days 9 & 10

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Hamsterwatch lite (Wednesday)

I got my wish: they didn't do much today so this episode is just a P.S. of highlights tacked onto yesterday's

Kaysar showed up on my feeds again, doing creative hammock while he talked with Janelle as she exercised.. they decided they're still in a good position

Janelle: Think I should wash my hair for tomorrow?
Kaysar: Is it gonna look like that if you don't?

Jase & Janelle said hi to their moms and talked about some of the websites.. Janelle said how much she liked the photochops C=Venus sent to her, and Jase said he especially liked the South Park parodies of his season (by Grins at Jokers, which was the inspiration for BB7 Park by TD here on Hamsterwatch.. TD will be back soon)

Kaysar tried to fit into Alison's urn but couldn't.. Will & Howie did a few more rounds of their comedy routine - they're both so quick that once they get going it's hilarious - watch the video
Howie: I'm going next week.. I'll veto myself onto the block if I have to

Jase & James played along - James even laughed a few times.. I'm not sure what Boogie's doing in this pic but it wasn't part of a joke he was telling or anything..
James [while Howie's doing his 'do me do me doc' routine]: It's not that what you're saying is funny, it's looking over at you in a little Toys R Us bed talking about screwing a doctor

Howie & Janelle shared a hug after deciding with Kaysar (again) that they're still in a good position, for now.. they won't target either Will or Danielle for awhile, they'll "leave the bigger targets" and let the house go after the lesser ones first, the ones that everyone will agree on.. they said they don't need to worry about James, for now.. (and that's where the game will keep playing us: James doesn't want the house agreeing on anything)

News-wise they voted.. it looks like Alison will be the first to walk the plank to Julie's boudoir tomorrow so Danielle settled back in to stay and made dinner for them all, between snacks.. Jase & Janelle did their HOH blogs & photos.. Diane, Danielle, Howie, Will & Boogie swapped stories in HOH and shared a lot of laughs.. most of them were BB stories again - some funny, some raunchy, and some on reruns already.. Marcellas told one about being recognized when he went to rent porn videos (we know from Housecalls that he doesn't watch the feeds but I wonder if he's aware of the internet? It was invented to save those embarrassing trips to the porn store)

We learned that Danielle's in with Will & Boogie, and a lot more things started to make sense: what better way for them to ensure she stays than to advocate that she goes?

Lots of smiles & laughs today from all, even the nominees, even Alison, who was wound up with more energy & activity than we've seen from her yet, putting on shows for them and the cameras - it was a lot better than some of the night-before moody mopes we've seen in the past

Meanwhile Diane seems to be the next target on both James and Will's hit lists.. James worked her directly and later Will sent Boogie to do the same.. both of them asking all about her life, her sister, her season.. casual convo at first glance but James & Will work the same way: they get a person to start talking about themselves, and their BB alliances, betrayals and eviction, and they observe

Diane perked up both times, doing that self-promotion thing she does when the attention's on her, telling a story about being the "head cheerleader dating the quarterback" for instance.. James picked up on that ("You were head cheerleader?").. even as she advertises herself, her self-confidence visibly falters in direct proportion.. James noticed.. Will via Boogie is using a similar tactic but gaining a bit more headway by repeatedly bringing up Drew and her failed showmance.. it's good-natured and friendly, Boogie joins in with his own Krista war-story, but everyone - especially Diane - knows that it cost her the game, and her self-confidence nudges down just a little bit more every time it's mentioned

Diane's been quiet but she's starting to come out now.. both James' & Will know she's a formidable opponent and they're both working several weeks ahead.. so is Danielle, who chatted with Nakomis for a long time about her version of BB5.. Diane & Nakomis were pretty tight for much of that season - when Will & Danielle compare notes they'll confirm that's a strong duo who never turned on each other within the game.. but each tangled with Jase

George told a funny story that was news to all: he worked for the banner plane place during BB2, and lived there too.. it turns out he's the guy who took the phone calls & credit card numbers, and put the letters on the banner.. he said he sometimes misspelled the messages, which added to everyone's confusion when they flew overhead - watch the video

Another oops?

As Janelle, Kaysar & Marcellas studied upstairs late Wednesday night and wondered what kind of questions would be asked in Q&A comps, it looked like we might have gotten a sneak preview of tomorrow's HOH comp? Nah, probably just the future for our flames.. trivia won't make the flames or the still WAY TOO LOUD theme music any more tolerable.. bring back the fishies please
Attw x got a jump on this one a few weeks ago and found all the pets - they're in place with their seasons on her BB page

All hell breaks loose again (Tuesday)

Huge apologies, Hamsterwatchers

A whole lot happened again and I'm not half as good as they are at keeping track of it all.. as always, details are around on the detail sites - it was too hectic for me to stay on top of it all, catch the caps and grab the videos, and try to put it all together before they start up again, so this is likely going to be a lite episode in spite of all the unfolding dramas

In summary: Janelle now knows she's been conned by Jase.. tomorrow's vote now looks like it's back to Alison going.. George is getting pressured by both sides.. Erika was the one who set most of this off but James is the one celebrating

I'll do my best here with what I've got.. as always, it's the stuff I catch, what interests me, and my interpretation of it.. videos are up with some of the highlights

Predawn update: Kaysar tells Janelle they should stick with their original plan to vote out Danielle but not tell Marcellas.. see what I mean? Nothing's certain yet.. and Janelle's stressing

Happy family

It all starts normal enough - cooking, eating, laying around, snacking, bikini hour, rewind, repeat

Pairings pair up, usually involving Alison & Danielle.. George's name comes up everywhere

They learn that in the case of a tie vote, the veto winner (Janelle) will determine who's evicted

Then Erika tells some stuff to Boogie about who's with who, and that sets things rolling - watch the video.. it's funny how his face lights up with the learnings, and how she suddenly just stops answering him

Erika finally follows up yesterday's meeting with Alison and talks to Janelle in HOH.. she fills her in about Jase's alliances, that he really isn't looking out for Janelle's best interests, and that Janelle's been conned into evicting Danielle so that Alison can come for her next, with lots of backup

Janelle's clearly stunned by all this and becomes convinced it's true when Diane's ex-roommate Toni comes up in the convo.. apparently she & Diane had a huge feud that became public (at least in the reality circles many of them run in) and as part of that fallout, Toni phoned Janelle when All-Stars was announced and told her about "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" - that Jase & Diane would be teaming up- Janelle had written it off as a crackpot call at the time, but combined with Erika's news and things that have gone on in there, the penny drops and Janelle realizes she's been duped - watch the video
Erika: I trust you Janelle.. I hope you trust me
Janelle: Absolutely
Erika: I couldn't play that way [going with Alison's plan to keep her & go after BB6 together] because I promised that I would protect you
Janelle [hearing that Jase set her up]: What??!!!

I'm not 100% on this 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' or Toni stuff

With perfect timing, Danielle comes along and pleads her case, contributing her own bits of info but mostly claiming she's been honest about everything.. they count the votes again & again and figure it's still a tie and they still need George's vote to evict Alison - watch the video

Howie comes in and they share some of these revelations with him.. like clockwork, he says he wants Nakomis out of there.. none of them questions whether James is truly loyal to them or what his role is in all this sudden drama

Don't hurt him, Dani

Danielle corners George in the pantry and asks if she's still got his vote

He skirts around a bit and says she'd told him she wasn't allied with anyone, but now he's heard talk that she knew Kaysar before.. she explains that she knows all of them because she goes to the wrap parties, but she's been honest and isn't in any alliances

It gets heated, Danielle gets aggressive, and George counters with everyone's favorite saying (in times other than these) that it's just a game - watch the video.. I was kinda glad he had that bottle of barbecue sauce in case he needed to defend himself

And this is where we came in.. James comes in with the trash and nearly collides with them in the doorway on their way out.. nobody says anything as they pass.. James dumps the trash, looks at the wall, then turns to us and lets out a whoop with a big "yessssss!!!" gesture and a scary expression
James wants Alison gone - she's stiff competition for those veto comps he likes to win.. so is Janelle, but he's got her trust and her back, I think.. for now

The rest of it's a blur: Alison hides in the urn at the stairs to eavesdrop - I missed it but I'm sure CBS will air it a few times.. George decompresses and wonders why it's no fun this year.. Janelle promises Marcellas anything & everything (including keeping him over Howie & Kaysar later) if he'll vote Alison out

Nakomis & Diane say they're tired of hearing Alison's been mentioning them - for a minute it's almost a 7-3 vote.. it's all good when Alison chats with them though, framed by fear & loathing

I haven't been following James' rounds too closely so I'm not sure what his version of everything is, but I sense his hand in a lot of the stories people are parannoying about.. after seeing that private victory cheer and hearing him tell 2 or 3 people how much he hates a divided house, I think he's contributed to another one.. watch the video of him, Janelle & Erika.. Erika & Janelle catch a breather to bond and do girly stuff under the watchful X'd-out eyes of Dead Duck

The new power alliance of Janelle, Howie, Erika, Kaysar & Marcellas study and goof upstairs, give shout-outs to a lot of friends, family, fans and sites - including this one! - and all's well once again

When the party winds down Janelle reports to Kaysar what she's learned, and he says they should stick to plan and evict Alison.. we're back to square one
Janelle: I'm stressing so bad.. I need a sleeping pill
Kaysar: You're HOH.. I'd be worried if you weren't stressing
Kaysar: Our bond is stronger.. they don't even know who's in our alliance
Janelle: Marcellas is really bothering me
Janelle: So we're going to vote Alison?
Kaysar: Yes but we don't even tell Marcellas.. don't volunteer anything

So yea, it's kind of a lite episode but packed with punch.. I can't even offer up the fun stuff I'm always whining about but there was some.. Will got into the algae'd hot tub (maybe wrecked by the veto comp garbage) but Big Brother put an end to that.. Howie, Will & Boogie made undercover picks for which girls in there they like, and stuff, hypothetically - watch the video.. James, Will & Boogie (I think) laughed hysterically for a long time very late.. it was funny just to hear but I don't know what it was about..

I hope they don't get up to much Wednesday.. thanks to Patrick, thanks to Tiger, and thanks Janelle & friends for saying hi - it's good to know that you know we're watching

And all this too








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Fun in the sun edition - sure, it's good at the time but the sunburn hurts like hell later.
Individual daily ratings are based on entertainment value.

Even though we didn't learn anything new, Tuesday's show was a good one. Recaps probably confused anyone not up on these characters but they didn't dwell on them long. The Will/Howie comic interlude was silly but its tango music was a nice touch. Looks like George will be their cheap shots target this year and they're going to be mean-spirited about it, but all they did so far was a build-up for a future snoring bit. Pre-feeds slip 'n slide was fun especially after hearing them talk about it so much, although 'you've never seen a grown man straddle a grown man and go sliding' wasn't true: NBC already did it. Dumpster diving was terrific and a huge improvement on all prior comps: we need more of that stuff. Not surprising how many bikini shots they used, but nobody knows why the big PBJ mystery remains a mystery unless they're letting Julie have one unleaked scoop this year. Maybe she'll tell them (and us) Thursday.

Bugs for the PBJ replacement was a good guess but today she wondered if lockdown meant a luxury comp in the works.. huh? They're living in luxury now! She was hustling tonight even though she might not realize how fast she went from safe to sorry. But she knows it's not over yet: there's hours to go til they vote and she works fast. If she goes we'll get more peace but we'll miss a lot of catfights, although it's doubtful she'd be able to top today's hiding in a vase stunt.

He's a good errand boy for Will but a transparent one: the way his face lit up when Erika delivered some info tidbits to him was priceless (maybe Will gives him a reward for each item?) but the way he fizzled out when she stopped answering showed why he does the legwork and not the interrogation. He needs to realize that his show biz boasting falls flat when he says how great his McDonald's ad was: 'I was the 39 cent cheeseburger guy' fails to impress.

Last minute campaigning turned into a frenzy of last minute info pouring out all over town and Danielle didn't waste any time in going after the one vote that had already been promised to her. She got good and fired up going for it too: I was glad George had that bottle of barbecue sauce in case he needed to protect himself.

I expected more from her and maybe she'll bring it out later but for now she says she's surprised by the amount of lies so soon, but she's the only one who is. It looks like she left all her dramatics home and that's our loss, but a nasty feud with her former roomie was at the center of many of the evening convos and the whole 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' thing they keep referring to. Kudos to Aldav for picking up on the Toni connection weeks ago.

She wasn't all that entertaining per se but she sure set a lot of wheels turning today. Her time with BB1 Josh and his Fishbowl reality site seems to have served her well for this, and her secret partnership with BB quasi-insider Marcellas has to involve some info that isn't as well known as most. She set off little bombs all over town as she made rounds today, and gave Janelle an 11th hour rescue from the blind passivity that had fans mourning. I have to wonder about the nice pacing and even timing of these little bombs, but for now let's ass-ume it isn't all scripted.

I have a feeling I'm going to end up sticking up for him when CBS and rabid fans poke the poor guy with mean sticks but for now all's fair (and anyway, George likes the attention.) We know now why the feeds went to flames when a posse went up to carry him outside while asleep: they're saving that for the gag reel to come about his snoring. He got ambushed by both nominees and even though they kept repeating the mantra 'it's just a game' he's the one laughing about the silly votes in the silly game. Good thing I'm not insisting the whole thing is scripted, or I'd be saying there's no other way George would end up being the power guy at this point of the game (or any other).

Sorry Howie fans, but he's gone past his use-by date and his team is in trouble. I can deal with his shtick and he's falling into a great role as Will's patsy but this whole Nakomis thing is just weird. Just the word 'strategy' is enough to send him off about her but the lines are already tired and flat.. (could it be a script?) He's good for the show so he'll probably stick around awhile - without the Will & Howie Comedy Team they'd have nothing left for filler but George's snoring. He came this close to a neg rating today til he echoed Janelle's shout-out to me so it's an easy neutral instead, and hi back Howie!

Looks like he's done a rerun of last year and fiddled his way into most of their plans enough to make them all but declare sides. He provided the line of the day with 'I hate having the house divided - it's so fucking boring for the fans' even though he made it so, and he also supplied the cap of the day with his whooping leap of joy when he passed George & Dani in the pantry's revolving door and realized his main competition competition Alison would be going after all. The only thing I can't figure is if it's Good vs. Evil and James vs. Will, which is which?

Sleeping Beauty had a rude awakening from her slumber thanks to Erika, and it happened just before she slipped away for good. Janelle's head was spinning with all the new revelations but she seemed to digest it all fast enough and move ahead, though how she did it without pen & paper - let alone a spreadsheet - is beyond me. She still trusts that James has got her back 100% but that's ok: she's got her eyes & ears open now. She gave a big Dingo/Hamsterwatch shout-out in the middle of studying with Howie, Kaysar, Marcellas & Erika tonight and that made my day. Hey back at ya, Janelle!

He was around today but absent from most of the meetings.. could be because a lot of them were about him and his way too many alliances.

Kaysar went from almost invisible to pure vapor by missing out on all the big stuff and only showing up for detention and study drills after it was all over. Sure he could catch up but will he? CBS barely even included Mr. 82% in tonight's show. What happened to this guy? He used to be quick and fun and now he's just a vote. Will tagged him today as 'Kaysar Sozé' after the legendary and/or mythical mastermind in 'The Usual Suspects', and that sounded about right. In the movie, nobody's really sure if (Keyser) Sozé exists or not. I couldn't even catch a cap of him at the pool today, he's that absent.
Last minute upgrade to neutral for stirring it up again after it was all settled.

He almost gets ups for pulling off (so far) what seems to be a very good secret alliance with Erika, but she's doing all the work while he just hangs out with Janelle all the time. He tried to get Janelle's radar to turn to James a couple times but the subject changed every time before she did.. will he keep trying? Too soon to call. We almost had the big fun when both Erika & Janelle were going to talk to him directly about his ever-changing vote, since he's in with both of them, but that worked out too with no hissy fits. Maybe tomorrow.

She's busy but she's fickle, agreeing to change her vote and kick out her bedmate just because (most everybody) told her to. I guess they all need to try to keep peace in the house at this stage, but I'd like to see more independent thinking and out-in-front action from such a visual rebel than she seems to be able to supply. At least I didn't see her name any more cameras today.

Dr. Will
I don't know what he knows about James' stuff or vice versa but it looks like we may be headed for a showdown between the two, and that could really mess up the Good vs. Evil theme. Half of Will's reason for being in there seems to be to poke at the producers and I'm all for that even if it usually gets us flames. He found out today he isn't getting residuals for the 'Yes Dear' BB episode like the others are, and he had enough one-liners today to keep us amused even while we scrambled to keep up with everybody else's whispers and flowcharts. Meanwhile he's working working working, asking seemingly innocent questions like 'Who was the most popular on BB6?' when they were all together on outside lockdown (stir it up, stir it up), and he followed that with a too-funny weightlifting chant 'n grunt for Howie's benefit about morbid obesity, pregnant sows, pepperoni nipples, etc. Keep 'em coming.

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